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America's favorite treeless saddle site where people enjoy learning about and shopping for western treeless saddles and accessories.

"I tried 23 saddles and NONE fit ... She didn't really want to move out with them on ... "

"I just read your website thoroughly and cried and cried. You understand. You get it. You are about love and I know you can help us. I feel such relief and joy."

"People were stopping to adjust their saddles, but not me ..."


#1. Your horse will be calmer, more relaxed, quicker to respond, and, freer to move about and flex.

#2. Your horse will respond better to your leg queues and body movements.

#3. You will be more comfortable and secure, better balanced, and connected to your horse safely and more securely.

#4. Many of the riding problems you have now will disolve, and your enjoyment of the sport will improve.

#5. Associated costs, such as, veterinarian expenses, buying extra saddles and equipment, and frustration will reduce.

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