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On many occasions, customers have expressed a need for a suede seat on the Endurance leather-covered saddles. The Sit-Tight seat cover improves seat security.

A Sports Saddle, in Endurance leather, stays looking new for a very long time. Endurance leather is much easier to keep clean, repels water and does not show the typical wear spots that suede shows, but it can be slippery.

$xx.00 /cover
$x.x0 in US

The perfect solution, I felt, was to provide a removable suede seat cover on the saddle, which attaches securely. I wanted to
find a product to fill this need, and it's been on my mind for a long time.

It was my good fortune to meet a customer who bought a Sport Saddle from me who is also a talented product designer, Marianne Fellner at Stellar Ranch.

Together, we discussed the idea for a removable suede seat cover. After some design experimentation, we came up with a quality product that I'm really proud to make available.

It's hard to imagine improving on the comfort of the smooth endurance leather Sports Saddles, but the Sit-Tight Suede Seat Cover makes a great saddle even better!

You'll feel even more connected to your horse while improving on the safety of every ride. If your horse unexpectedly spooks or stumbles you'll improve your chances of staying put and keeping your balance.

Sit-Tight also increases versatility for different sized riders that share a saddle by eliminating a loose or slippery seat.

Sit-Tight is fast and easy to put-on and take-off. It attaches to the D rings on your saddle with leather laces. The leather laces can also be used to tie-on extra clothing or gear. The seat cover is American made of chap weight split cowhide.

Currently available in Black, Chocolate, Hunter Green and Toast. The suede seat cover cleans-up and restores its nap with a quick brushing with a stiff horse grooming brush, (always handy!). Best of all, it looks great and will protect the investment you already made in your saddle.

Is it guaranteed? Absolutely. Sit-Tight Suede Seat Covers are guaranteed to perform as described or your money back!

If you want one or more! Please call us today!

To prepare your order: The maker of the Sit-Tight cover needs to know your saddle size to make your new cover fit perfectly. Therefore, customers need to take actual measurements of their saddle before placing an order. It will only take a few days for her to have a cover made and sent out. We need all three of the following measurements.

1. Seat size measurement guide - Leg cut size

2. Side to side measurement - From the middle of the saddle seat, measure across the seat from one side of the skirt to the other, not including the knee flap. Most standard saddles will be about 24". The youth cut will be about 10" to 10 1/2" and a tex low will be between 14 and 15".

3. Measure the width of the knee flap. The smaller ones will be about 8 3/4" and the larger one will be around 10 3/4".

It's like riding on air!                  
Saddle plus accessories to solve the entire situation for under $2000!