First Choice Treeless saddles
 What are some advantages to buying the original Bob Marshall Sports Saddles?

Customers tell us that the comfort is extraordinary for horse and rider. And we agree, wholeheartedly. A visit to Customer Comments will help.

Customers have many, many choices involved in their selection of options with the original Bob Marshall treeless Sports Saddles, which is also extraordinary.

The price is reasonable, starting at $795 up to $1700, with a typical cost of $1100. Endurance, Trail and Barrel saddles are sold most often in that order.

Customers can choose from many different models, all of which can be customized in some way. For instance:

9 models of saddles
Seat sizes in 1/2 inch increments from 12" to 20"
3 sizes of skirts - short, medium and long
Pommel end of the skirt can be peaked for high withers
3 types of pommels - low, medium and tall
7 types of horns
2 styles of horn finishes braided and leather covered
No horn can be selected
3 types of cantles - short, medium and tall
Stirrups can be set back or forward
Silver-laced or plain Cheyenne rolls
Extra dee rings, conchos and carriers can be added
3 kinds of tooling or smooth leather finishes
Endurance, russet or suede leathers
Light, medium or dark leather oil stains
All black, all chocolate or mixed black or choco with an oil stain
Here is a link to a page that contains saddle options and their prices: options.
Each saddle is individually made to order. For the most part, the customization and the individual attention to each saddle is what accounts for the saddles taking 6 to 8 weeks to build. And during the major holidays it takes longer - 8 to 10 weeks. Patience becomes increasingly important around the 7th week after an order is placed.