First Choice Treeless saddles
  Who is First Choice Treeless Saddles?

First of all, let me thank you for visiting with Gerri and I. We want you to know that horse owners have contacted us with all kinds of saddle and riding problems. We've been around for a little over 10 years and we've managed to help many people, and there are many riders out there still that haven't come across the proper blend of saddle and pad.

Bob Marshall's Sports Saddles with the Skito Equalizer saddle pads solve an incredibly wide range of riding and saddle problems. We have heard from increasingly more and more people that their veterinarian recommended that they try one.

Frequently, people have asked, "What is the most popular Bob Marshall Sports Saddle?". Both the black and chocolate, 15" to 16" Endurance, smooth leather saddles is one of the best selling models. Smaller and larger sizes are available as well. Also, the Basic Trail Rider and Barrel Saddles are best selling models.

The Sports Saddles are in demand and they don't stay in stock very long. Usually, the saddles are not made ahead of time. Instead, each saddle is made-to-order, which, in part is why you won't find these saddles sold in tack shops. Sports Saddles that are available right now can be seen on the Saddles In Stock page.

We attribute the popularity of the Sports Saddle to these two factors, i.e., the improved comfort they provide to horse and rider, and the way they solve riding problems, thereby improving enjoyment of the sport, and reducing the associated costs, such as, buying extra saddles, veterinarian costs and so forth.

The product guarantee can be applied effectively in the US and the saddlery will honor all guarantee claims. Shipping within the continental US is $30.00 US dollars per saddle. Overseas shipping costs begin at approximately and go to $150.00 US per saddle, or more.

Some people have been disadvantaged by having bought a saddle that sored their horses’ shoulders or created an aching back problem. So initially, some people are skeptical, but others are receptive, many are hopeful that they have found a permanent, long-term solution to their riding problems.

Hopefully, we can intercept the uninformed riders before they go out and have another disappointing experience with another miss-fitting or uncomfortable saddle. Learn how "saddle fit" and horse back problems are related on the Check Your Saddle page.

You will find that Gerri and I are very interested in providing these products. It is a pleasure to help people with this horse equipment, knowing that it will benefit them tremendously. We are certain that only satisfied customers allow us to be successful in business. And Gerri and I provide a personal touch that makes a difference with customers.

Also, we know that the products live up to the claims of providing improved horse and rider comfort and that they solve an incredibly wide variety of riding problems. This "formulae" puts the customer and us on the same side of the table, supporting one-another. And that's good for the customer, first and foremost. And it's good for our business by building upon a reputation, which attracts other customers. You might call it a win-win business philosophy.

As a saddle dealer, we have found great value in delivering service with a personal touch, which means that our customers know that we are very helpful and that we care about their situation. We try to gain every advantage for customers by providing meaningful information and resources that can help to solve common as well as serious saddle-related riding problems. Gerri is very good at this skill. She listens and talks and helps and suggests. You should watch her sometime. She's just great at it.

When a customer describes a need, Gerri will carefully navigate them into the most appropriate product/price which suites their needs. If they have other needs, which her resources can't meet, she refers them to other resources. If a product suffered from poor workmanship or shipping damage, she would work like the dickens to get everything straightened out to favor her customer, as much as possible. At times customers ask her something she doesn't know about, and she tells them she doesn't know and then refers them to someone or somewhere that might be of help. We think customers find our style refreshing, informative and relevant.

Behind the scenes, I enjoy working the website and business end of things. I'm mostly involved with the resources to ensure that Gerri has whatever she needs to fulfill her sales role successfully. This way she is more confident and resourceful, and that results in us doing a better job for our customer, which improves upon our business reputation.

Also, I like to keep aware of marketing opportunities and I try to be informed about the kinds of products that would best complement our suite of products. Products that we are interested in must be characteristically of high-quality, they should be capable of drop-shipment, they must solve a riding problem, improve enjoyment of the sport and blend in with our product suite. Comments from you, in these areas are appreciated. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Honestly, if I were having a problem with my horse, I would ask Gerri to help me to put together a good saddle solution. And I'd recommend her to anyone else too since the Sports Saddle works on nearly all breeds. Shortly after you begin using your new saddle and pad, you will really see why popularity is gaining for the Sports Saddle and Skito Pads.

If at some point in the future, if you are not satisfied with something, or you want to sell your Sports Saddle, or you need to exercise a guarantee - we will help you get the results you want. So, in the meantime, do what you need to do so you can start benefiting from the many advantages that the Sports Saddle/Skito Pad solution provides for both your horse and you as the owner/rider.

The customization and attention to individuals needs helps explain why the original SS do not appear in tack shops. As a rule, the SS are not sold wholesale and to tack shops.

Customers tell us that the SS is unusually comfortable for horse and rider. And we agree. And with Bob Marshall's original treeless Sports Saddles, customers have many, many choices, which is also unusual. The price is reasonably competitive, starting at $850 up to $1900, with a typical cost of around $1100. Endurance, trail and barrel saddles are sold most often in that order.

We have actually had Canadians from Ontario travel to our home in Columbus, Ohio, a 7 hour trip, to try the saddles. We receive 600 to 1000 saddle inquiries each month, mostly from the US, but from as far as England, the Phillipines and Australia. Our biggest sellers are the Endurance saddles and the Basic Trail saddles, although the Debra Sibley Barrel Racer, at $1338.00, is very popular also.

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if we can answer any other questions or concerns! We have a demo program if you have never ridden in an original SS and would like to try one for a week or so, email: to make the arrangements.

Please keep in touch, and have a great day.


Noel Rini