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Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 6:02
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Hi Gerri and Noel,

What a tremendous website. I borrowed a friends Schooling/Training model Sports Saddle and my back and hip problems from my other two saddles are non-existent in the SS it seems - is that too good to be true!!!! And my mare seems to like it too.

My question is - I have been told that I am too heavy to ride for more than a few minutes in a treeless saddle. I am about 5'5" and weigh about 167. Just can't drop that 20 lbs from quitting smoking! My thigh measurement at the largest point is about 25 1/2 " (e-gads!!!!). So, I thought I would use a 16-17" saddle. True?

I am working on Level 2 in Parelli Natural horsemanship and mainly ride for pleasure. I took a pretty bad spill about 1 1/2 years ago. So, my confidence and seat isn't what it used to be. I was looking at the Basic Trail, Barrel and Schooling/Training Styles.

I just sold a 17" Wintec Cordura Western Saddle and I liked the way the seat fit. Can a horn be added to the S/T or will the high-ish pommel make me feel secure? My friend's Sports Saddle, the one that I borrowed, is a 15 1/2" youth cut and it felt snug but still good. Just think how I would like what really fit me !!!!

By the way, my Quarter horse mare is 15.1 hh and right at 1150#'s, very stout.



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Hi Karen,

Thanks for the compliment on the website and the good word about how well the SS worked for you.

No, No No, your weight is NOT a problem. Many, at least half, of our customers are 175 pounds and over, especially the men. The SS has worked very well for people in this weight range. And I am not at all concerned about your weight.

This saddle is a very appropriate saddle for riders over 150 pounds. Now, if you were 250 lbs I would start to get a little concerned for a few reasons but mostly because some people that weight are not riding horses sized correctly for them.

But some are riding horses sized correctly and in that case the SS can work out well for them too. Many women and certainly a majority of men are in the weight class you mentioned and their horses are getting along very well.

Your seat size should be a 17 or even a 17 1/2". Possibly an 18" but I would need to talk with you a little more about that. The S/T saddle provides a very secure seat and it is all suede which provides additional seat security. So call when you can and I will help you select the right saddle.

Thanks. Have a nice day,

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