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Online privacy issues are of increasing concern among Internet users.  Advocates of online privacy are troubled with information being gathered from Internet users without their consent.  Information may be gathered through the acceptance of cookies, proxies set by Internet Service Providers, online gaming, and downloading programs on the Internet.  First and foremost - DON'T PANIC - most of the time you will be safe.  However, as with all areas of life, one needs to be wise about one's actions.

Educating yourself about online privacy issues is important because understanding helps eliminate potentially abusive situations.  Companies will provide privacy statements in terms of what information they gather, as well as whether or not they sell this information to other companies. Your privacy is of paramount importance.

Your Internet Service Provider is not the only area of concern with your on-line privacy.  It involves your actions while you are on the Internet.  When you visit a web page that you customize with your personal settings, what is called a "cookie" saves your preferences and is stored on your hard drive.  The next time that you visit that website, the cookie sends the information to the website so that the website appears to you with all of your settings.  However, different types of cookies may be used to track information about websites that you visit.  This information may be sold to marketers to target you for certain products.  Please note: a cookie CANNOT read your hard drive to find out personal information about you - the only information it has is information you supply.  If you would like more information about cookies, please visit for a very easy to read and in-depth discussion of cookies. 

Another potential situation for invasion of your online privacy occurs when you download a program and the program also installs Spyware, which is software that uses your Internet connection to track the websites that you visit.  This information is then sold to advertisers.  Don't worry - there are many programs geared toward protecting your online privacy - Spybot and Malwarebytes to name two, will scan your computer and remove any Spyware found on it.  You can also download ZeroClick and Guard-IE Ad Blocking, both of which block online advertisements and cookies that could be installed on your hard drive and invade your privacy (both available for download at: ). 

Additional programs and information may be found by searching for privacy online at

Also, you can consider discontinuing the use of your current email box and use a new or different email name to get away from the solicitors that are already abusing your private information. Remember: the best rule to follow is to only download programs and open up email attachments from trusted sources.