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The proper way to measure the seat size of a Bob Marshall Sports Saddle is to:

- Measure between the cantle and the pommel at the nearest points and add 6 inches, and
- Notice the tape is over top of the trim roll which is the correct way to do it.

So, if you measure 10” between and add 6 inches, then you have a 16" seat.

- Notice the exact location of the tape at both the cantle and the pommel.
- If the tape is either too high or too low the measurement will not be correct.


If you are basing your saddle order on the size of someone's BMSS then you want to know exactly what seat size it is. Do yourself a BIG favor and measure that saddle for its actual size.

Seat Size calculator:

The seat size calculator is a starting place to help you figure out your best seat size. It is not as accurate as it could be since people are built differently. This seat size calculator was meant to reflect trail rider sizes not barrel racers. The typical barrel racer likes their saddles snug rather than the relaxed fit needed for trail riding. When people call me to order I always ask them their height, weight and upper thigh size and if a woman, I like to know what pant size they wear. I also want to know if they have recently tried a BMSS and if so what was the seat size.

measuring a sport saddle seat size
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