First Choice Treeless saddles
 What are the primary benefits and uses of the Treeless Sports Saddle?

The use of treeless saddles has increased tremendously in the last 15 years. The move from the traditional treed saddle to saddles which offer more flexibility and comfort for horse and rider is gaining in popularity. In this modern era of horsemanship, owners are recognizing more and more that certain equine sore back problems can often be directly connected to a saddle with a tree that does not fit their horse properly. Improved flexibility and comfort is the big reason, for horse and rider.

Authorized dealer for Sports Saddles, Inc., Gerri Rini of First Choice Sport Saddles,, 614-837-67299 says "I discovered the Sports Saddles about 12 years ago after riding bareback for nearly a year because nothing on the planet would fit by mutton withered Rocky Mountain horse. In the past year or two I have had numerous customers call to say their Vet, Chiropractor and/or Trainer recommended this saddle." Gerri says that the questions have changed over the last few years from "What is a Sport Saddle?" to "How fast can I get one, nothing else is fitting my horse?"

This saddle will work effectively for a 2 year old horse from the time of first training throughout it's riding lifetime. Only the spiney-backed equine gives the treeless saddle a problem because a spiney-back can be felt up the middle of the saddle, making it uncomfortable for the rider. Even though the horse will change shape through the years, the saddle will always fit horse and rider. In fact, you could have four horses, a Belgian, a Morgan, an Arabian and a Paso Fino and the saddle will fit and work for all horses, since the skirt is flexible and conforms to the horse's back and the rider's seat. You might say the treeless saddle is horse and people friendly.

People willing to think outside of the traditional treed saddle "box" will find a world of unexpected comfort and joy from their equine sport. Most people ride with the Sports Saddle for one main reason, because they have several horses in their barn. Most of the people who call to order the Sport Saddle do so for this reason and for the fact that they have several horses in their barn, different in confirmation and breed and each one needs a saddle that will fit properly. The treeless Sport Saddle provides exactly the alternative they are seeking.

Owners reduce costs if they get a saddle that fits and works well for all their horses. The numerous saddles they have tried are simply not fitting their horses. People who ride the Sports Saddle do so specifically because they have several horses in their barn and want one saddle to fit all of them. Given four horses at random, a Belgian, Morgan, Saddlebred and a Paso Fino - the same Sports Saddle works for all. The main reason is that the skirt flexes and conforms nicely to the horse's back and the rider's seat. A Sports Saddle works effectively for horses as young as 2 years, from the time of first training throughout its riding lifetime. A horse changes shape through the years, but in spite of the changes, the saddle always fits horse and rider.

The Sports Saddle is successfully fitting a wide range of breeds and horses with drastically varying confirmations from Fresians to Clydsdales to Paso Finos to Arabians and Quarter Horses and everything in between. The average trail rider, using this saddle weighs between 130 and 200 pounds. The Sport Saddle works out successfully for them too.