First Choice Treeless saddles
 How does the SS perform... really?

Christi Hudspeth addresses this question so well. Christi, (512) 261-9244 of the Austin, TX area, trainer and highly successful competitive trail rider with the NATRC on her Appaloosa Summer, makes these observations. "In the last 2 years that I have had my saddle, the NATRC region 4 participants have been changing to the Sports Saddle. Many have a variety of flex-tree type saddles and treed saddles, but if their horse gains or loses weight, they come down with sore backs. I spend a great deal of time observing the Vet judges when they press real hard on the horses backs."

Christi said "I noticed that people riding in English saddles usually have wither and loin soreness. The western saddle horses usually have the loin soreness, and with the Sports Saddles, there is no soreness. I go to about 11 rides a year. Summer and I won high point combination in the competitive pleasure division. Again, no sore back or girth swelling of any kind. Must be that magic saddle! Summer made Reserve Champion in the nation with NATRC. He also received the High Point Appaloosa. Thanks to your Sportssaddle, Summer didn't lose any points for having a sore back !!!!! Christi has logged over 850 miles using her Sports Saddle and Skito Equalizer pad with Summer.

Christi went on to say, "We had a competitive trailride at the Davy Crocket National Park in Texas in Early April. There were at least 4 ladies that had to pull their horses for a sore back. They were really bummed out. When they saw the Vet push on Summer's back and he didn't flinch, they asked me about the kind of saddle I use. I invited them to my camp and they all tried my saddle out. Needless to say when they put their behind in that saddle they were sold!