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    Bob Marshall Medallion

Gerri Rini
614 837-7299

Authorized Dealer for
Sports Saddle, Inc.

Email to:

Response in
24 Hours, or Call.

Ohio - Eastern Standard Time

M-F 9AM to 6PM
Sat 9AM till Noon
Closed Sunday

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Seat Size

The Ten Day Saddle Trial
Prices here are the same as the Bob Marshall Saddlery in Kentucky.
I am a long time dealer/consultant for Bob Marshall since 1998.
Contact me and enjoy personalized assistance for
creating your next beautiful Bob Marshall saddle.

Currently as of 2-27-2017 we have actual demo saddles for a 10-day trial period. We have a 14 1/2 and 15 1/2 basic barrel racer, and a 15 basic trail rider. There is a $35 fee plus shipping. Shipping always includes insurance and shipping rates range between $50.00 to $75.00 depending on location. A security deposit is needed also, which is the price of the saddle for $1140.

When the saddle is returned insurance must be applied to the shipping. When the saddle is received the price plus the $35 fee is credited toward the purchase of a new saddle. If the demo borrower chooses not to purchase a saddle then the $1140 is refunded, but not the $35 trial fee or the shipping costs.

The saddle should never be folded in half or bent back on itself for any reason, ever. Doing so results in a permanent crease in the seat leather. Any damages upon return of saddle will be assessed and charged to the borrower.

The other way to try a Bob Marshall Sport Saddle is to purchase one of the many saddles from the in-stock list. There is a ten day trial period and NO restocking fee and full refund minus shipping if saddle is returned undamaged. Or, if you like the saddle you just keep it!

The saddles on the completed list can go out right away and saddles on the incomplete list usually take about two weeks to finish. The wait-time for a demo saddle varies depending on current demand.

Simply call Gerri at 614 837-7299 and she will help you figure out your best options and seat size and match you up to a saddle on the list that is best suited to your tastes and style of riding.

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