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    Bob Marshall Medallion

Gerri Rini
614 837-7299

Authorized Dealer for
Sports Saddle, Inc.

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24 Hours, or Call.

Ohio - Eastern Standard Time

M-F 9AM to 6PM
Sat 9AM till Noon
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Prices here are the same as the Bob Marshall Saddlery in Kentucky.
I (Gerri) am a long time dealer/consultant for Bob Marshall since 1998.
Contact me and enjoy personalized assistance for
creating your next beautiful Bob Marshall saddle.

INCOMPLETE Saddles take two weeks to finish and can be made in any size seat regardless of the seat size listed in most cases. And if no seat color or leather color is listed then the customer gets to choose those options too. Since these saddles ARE NOT MADE YET there are no pictures. BUT YOU CAN LOOK BELOW OR ON THE GALLERY FOR CLOSE MATCHING EXAMPLES.

COMPLETED Saddles can be shipped the day or the following day you place your order. Fenders can be added to any saddle. All in-stock saddles have a ten day trail with a full refund minus shipping. Contact us for an updated list.

SOLD Used 14" barrel racer, chocolate leather, black background, #1 floral tooled, 3" leather horn, large cinch D's, angle cut rear skirt (squared back panel), tooled chaps, 12" matching fenders, barely used - 2000.00 .

SOLD 9872 15" Fancy Round skirt Barrel Racer, Black Suede, Floral w/Diamond Tool, Dyed walnut, #19 Braided horn, Allison Ray Rigging, Large cinch d Rings, J Watt hardware, 10" tooled fenders & chaps 2155.00
SOLD 9808 - 14 1/2 Barrel Racer, square skirt, border tooled, black suede seat, 3 1/2 braided horn, Floral pattern #1, dyed antique brown, 10 inch floral fenders, $1755. Aluminum stirrups optional add $95.
SOLD 9526 - 14 1/2 Barrel Racer, round skirt, border tooled, black suede seat, 3 1/2 braided horn, Allison Ray rigging, Tourquise buck stiching, Floral pattern #1, dyed antique brown, 10 inch border floral fenders, $1885. Aluminum stirrups optional add $95.
SOLD 9440 - 15 inch Trail Rider, chocolate endurance leather covered, show pommel, 3" leather horn, floral chaps, hoof pick pocket and leather carriers, contrast trim around pommel and cantle, parachute conchos 1280.00

SOLD 14.5" Barrel Racer, dyed chocolate done in basketweave and floral tooling. It's accented with blue in the tooling and has bone buckstitch and a gray seat and back corner cut. The chaps and 10" fenders are tooled to match. It has regular rigging, #19 braided horn and large cinch Ds.

11-15-2017 Update

10082 14 ½” Squared Barrel Racer, Black suede, Antique Black, Turquoise buckstitch, Floral border, 12” tooled fenders & chaps 2195.00
10028 14 ½” Racer, Black Suede, Large cinch d Rings, 10” tooled fenders & chaps, Antique Brown, Copper Buck, #19 Braided horn, Copper berry conchos 2235.00
10230 14 ½” Border Tooled Barrel Racer, Black suede, Diamond Tool, #19 Braided horn, Large cinch D rings, Antique Black, Tooled chaps, White buck, Round skirt 1655.00

10277 14-14 ½” Hand Tooled Barrel Racer, Chocolate Suede, Antique Brown, SQUARED BACK, Diamond w/basketweave, #19 Braided horn Turquoise buck, Small tooled chaps 1885.00
10293 14-14 ½” HAndTooled Barrel Racer, Chocolate Suede, Pad is made, #19 Braided horn, Diamond tool w/basketweave, Tooled chaps, Dark walnut, Square skirt

9770 14” Basic Barrel Racer, Toast Suede, #19 Leather horn, Round skirt, Medium oil, Short straps
10290 15" Basic Barrel Racer, Black Suede, Round skirt, #19 Braided horn CANTLE DONE, PAD MADE, Antique Black

10098 14-14 ½” Basic Barrel Racer, Black Suede, Dark walnut, 12” oak border tooled fenders & chaps, #19 Braided horn, Tooled cheyenne roll & HPP 1470.00
10236` 15-15 ½” Basic Barrel Racer, Black Suede, Medium oil, #19 Leather horn, Round skirt 1200.00

9929 16” Basic Trail Rider, Black Suede, Antique Brown, #18 Leather horn, Large cinch D rings, Square skirt, Large chaps, 2 sets latigoes 1305.00
10038 15”Wrangler/Border Tooled, Chocolate Endurance, Round skirt, Diamond border, #18 Leather horn, Medium oil, J Watt hardware, Silverlaced cantle, 2 sets latigoes
10080 14 ½” Basic Trail rider. Chocolate Suede, Antique brown, #18 Leather horn, Large cinch D rings, Square skirt, 2 sets latigo strings, 2 sets latigoes 1305.00


9558 15” Wrangler/Hand Tooled, Black Suede, #18 Leather horn, Barrel Pommel tilted forward, Reinforced seat, Large cinch d Rings, Tooled chaps, Dark Brown 1805.00 REDUCED TO 1700.00
9684 16” Border Tooled Trail Rider, Black Suede, #18 Leather horn, Large cinch D rings, Diamond, Dyed black, Squared skirt, Tooled chaps, 12” plain fenders 1555.00

9754 16-16 ½” Hand Tooled Trail Rider, Chocolate Suede, Diamond Tool, Dark oil,#18 Leather horn, Square skirt, Plain chaps 1570.00

10026 16 ½” Wrangler/Basic, Black Endurance, Diamond border, Antique Brown, Leather front & cantle, Bone buck, 12” tooled fenders & chaps 1505.00

WRANGLER [Trail Riders]
0003 16 ½” Wrangler/Hand Tooled, Black Endurance, Basketweave, Silverspots, #46 Leather horn, Round skirt, Dyed black 1855.00
Wrangler/Hand Tooled, Black Endurance, Basketweave w/b-wire edge, Square skirt,#46 Leather horn, Any stain or oil 1560.00 (as standard)
9780 16” Wrangler/Hand Tooled, Black Suede, Diamond border w/basketweave, 10” tooled fenders & chaps, #46 Leather horn, Square skirt 1810.00
10012 16” Wrangler/Hand Tooled, Black Endurance, White buck, Squared back, 12” tooled fenders & chaps, Large tooled chaps, Diamond w/basket 1960.00
10054 17” Wrangler/Hand Tooled, Black Endurance, Diamond w/basketweave, #18 Leather horn, Show pommel, Large cinchD rings, 10” tooled fenders & chaps, Cut out back corners as on Arena Champion 2000.00 REDUCED TO 1950.00
10084 16” Wrangler, Chocolate Endurance, Antique Brown, Turquoise buck, 12” tooled fenders & large chaps, Large cinch d rings, Floral border 2195.00
10146 15 ½” Wrangler/Hand Tooled, Black Endurance, Floral #2, Squared back, Light oil, Peaked pommel, #18 Leather horn, 12” tooled fenders & chaps 1975.00 REDUCED TO 1950.00
10212 16-1/2” Wrangler/Border Tooled, Black Endurance, Dark antique Brown, #46 Leather horn, Large cinch D rings, SQUARED BACK, Bone buck, 12” tooled fenders & chaps, Basketweave border w/b-wire edge

10201 15-15 ½” Wrangler/Border Tooled, Black Endurance, Squared Back, #46 Leather horn, Antique Black, Large cinch D rings, Bone Buck, Basketweave w/b-wire border 1765.00
10251 16-16 ½” Wrangler/Border Tooled, Black Endurance, Basketweave border w/barbwire edge, #46 Leather horn, 12” tooled fenders & chaps, Square skirt

8972 15 ½” Endurance, Black Endurance, 4” cantle w/Cheyenne roll, Medium oil contrast trim, 12” plain fenders (Fenders must go) 850.00
9904 14 ½” Endurance, Black Endurance 1145.00
9953 13” Endurance, Black Endurance, Youthcut 1145.00
10110 15 ½” Endurance, Black Endurance, 3” cantle w/Cheyenne roll, Regular riggings 1285.00
10212 14 ½” Endurance, Chocolate, Youthcut, J Watt rear cinch D’s, Small defect in pad 1080.00 FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE US



******Please call to check availability

RECENT SAMPLES of Completed Saddles

SOLD 14" Waylon Barrel Racer, Brand new, Floral Basket-weaved Tooled, 3.5" horn, 10" fenders, black antique dyed, black suede seat, antique berry conchos, 2" aluminum stirrups. $2405

SOLD 13.5" Hand tooled barrel racer, dark walnut dyed with a 3.5" horn, 10" tooled fenders (not shown), and diamond border with basket weaved center tooling. 1840.00 but discounted to 1740.00.

SOLD14” New Barrel Racer, with black Antique dye for 1856.00. Ready for immediate shipment.

SOLD 15 ½” Squared Barrel Racer, Chocolate Suede, Large cinch d Rings, Basketweave border, Dark Walnut, #19 Leather horn, Floral #2, Large cinch D rings, Allison Ray Rigging, 10” tooled fenders & chaps 2175.00

SOLD 15.5" Waylon Barrel Racer, chocolate suede seat, large cinch D's, basketweave border tooled with silver spots, 3.5" braided horn, Allison Ray Rigging, barrel conchos, 10" tooled fenders/flaps, medium oiled. $2,025 - Ready for immediate shipping.
SOLD 16" Racer barrel saddle, black suede seat, brown antique dyed, silver spots, tall horn, diamond border with basketweave center tooling, 10" fenders, forward tilted pommel, large cinch D's, tooled rear cinch, square silver berry conchos, aluminum stirrups $2380.00
SOLD 14" barrel saddle, antique black dyed with beautiful painted flowers. The horn is the tall cutter horn. aluminum stirrups can be purchased at extra cost. conchos can also be upgraded. Contact me for more information. $2310.00
SOLD 14.5" hand tooled barrel racer dyed walnut with a toast seat. the price is 1840.00 but does not include the price of the aluminum stirrups. The fenders are 10' ones fitting people with inseams 31" or less. Contact me if you are interested.

Allison Ray Riggings means that the stirrups are set about one inch more forward than the standard placement of the barrel racer saddles.

Youth Cut means that the saddle skirting is shorter from side to side. Normally the regualr cut SS is about 26" across the seat from the skirting's edge to the skirting's edge on the other side to just where the knee flap ties in. The Youth Cut is about 21" across. This keeps the saddle sized proportionately for people 5'3" or under. It does not affect the length of the saddle from front to back.

Relaxed fit resulting in a more comfortable ride!