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Considerations for Selecting a Saddle
Prices here are the same as the Bob Marshall Saddlery in Kentucky.
I am a long time dealer/consultant for Bob Marshall since 1998.
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Our intent is to provide you with various topics that affect how or why you buy a particular saddle. In this way we think that you as owner or rider can evaluate your needs better and select your new saddle more effectively thus improving your riding comfort and experiences.
Choosing a Sports Saddle

How to determine your seat size.

Measuring a Sports Saddle seat

Riding problems created by saddles

How the Sports Saddle is constructed

How does saddle type affect feeling the horse?

Why are saddle trees used to construct some saddles?

Fitting a Sports Saddle to your horse

How to cinch your Sports Saddle girth

How to rig your Sports Saddle stirrups

Can a heavy rider use the Sports Saddle?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bob Marshall treeless Sports Saddle?

What makes a saddle "treeless"?

How did Bob Marshall get the Sport Saddle started?

What are the Primary Benefits and Uses of the SS's?

Really... how does the SS perform?

What's the difference between the CircleY and the Original?

What advantages are there to buying the original SS?

Why is the SS hardly ever featured in tack shops?

What's a Skito pad or a Vent pad?

About us - who is First Choice Treeless Saddles?

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