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    Bob Marshall Medallion

Gerri Rini
614 837-7299

Authorized Dealer for
Sports Saddle, Inc.

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24 Hours, or Call.

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M-F 9AM to 6PM
Sat 9AM till Noon
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Contact me and enjoy personalized assistance for
creating your next beautiful Bob Marshall saddle.
I am a long time dealer/consultant for Bob Marshall since 1998.
Prices here are the same as the Bob Marshall Saddlery in Kentucky.

So, just what is the Wrangler? A Wrangler is any one of the trail riders seen on the "trail" page but with certain features changed as oulined below.

Especially nice for gaited horses

hand tooled trail rider
Mini-Slide Bar Rigging allows more swing in the stirrups

All Wranglers have the free option of leather seats.
- Slick fork pommel with a 2.5" horn.
- 5" cantle w/dished out seat (for more comfort and seat security)
- Mini-slide bar rigging
- Braided horns 30.00 extra
- Fenders extra on all saddles

Basic Wrangler - 1450.00
All suede or all endurance leather covered. See trail photo gallery #3

Border Tooled - 1700.00
-Basketweave, Diamond Tool or Barbwire
Floral Border 1825.00

Smoothout - 1650.00
Roughout - 1715.00

Hand Tooled - 1835.00, Basketweave, Diamond Tool or Combination of both

All floral or floral border with basketweave or diamond center - 1965.00

The scooped out cantle allows about 1/2" more wiggle room in the saddle. For example, if you already have a 16" Sport Saddle Trail Rider and order a 16" Wranger, it will fit about 1/2" bigger due to the scooped out cantle.

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