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Treeless Saddles by Bob Marshall: Comfortable and Connected for You and Your Horse - This is America's favorite treeless saddle site where people enjoy learning about and shopping for western treeless saddles and accessories.

I came across the Bob Marshall Sports Saddle in the mid 90's which completely solved a saddle fit problem for my own horse.

My saddle fit journey started in the 1995. In 1992 I bought a three year old Rocky and by 1995 as she matured nothing was fitting her. As I mounted one day she protested with a shake of her head, a slight squeal and a half rear from the ground. She was kind enough not to dump me on the ground.

I collected dozens of articles on saddle fit from over 200 horse magazines given to our horse club. I read every one of them. We had no internet back then. I also rode bareback on the trails for the next year.

For Gerri the Bob Marshall Treeless Saddle Is the Perfect Solution.

After buying my Bob Marshall saddle I rode comfortably on the trails with my mare Spring for many years. Then with my Walker named Faith the same saddle fit her beautifully and we again rode the trails for many more years comfortably.

As a dealer for Bob Marshall Sports Saddle since 1998 I have talked with thousands of wonderful horse people seeking to solve similar saddle fit challenges. It is still my unique pleasure to listen to and talk with many horse women and men and guide them into saddle solutions that are best for them and their horse.

I came across the Bob Marshall Sports Saddle in the mid 90's which completely solved a saddle fit problem for my own horse.

My saddle fit journey started in the 1995. In 1992 I bought a three year old Rocky and by 1995 as she matured nothing was fit

- The Bob Marshall Sports Saddle may solve sore back problems because the saddle has no bars. Bars can create bridging which introduces pressure points on horses with varying degrees of a dip in their back. The sports saddle can then fit many different top lines from a straight top line to those with a dip. Many of my customers are delighted to report their Bob Marshall Sports Saddle fits many different horses that they own.

- Certain "bad performance behaviors" and "sore back issues" that horses can exhibit may often arise from ill-fitting treed saddles. And many  Endurance riders have reported to me that when the Vet checks their horse's back at their rides that they get better Vet check scores. 

- Bob Marshall Sports Saddles have helped a lot of riders with improved comfort and security, balance, and the connection of rider with their horse. It is not unusual that my customers state that for the first time they can feel their horses back muscles move. So without the bars connecting the pommel and cantle the rider is much closer to the horse's back. And riders love the close contact.

- Riders in several disciplines have said to me over and over how much better their horse performs with the Bob Marshall Sports Saddle. For instance, barrel racers using the Sport Saddles report that their time running barrels improved just enough to finish in the money or receive the blue ribbon. And trail riders often report that they notice their horse moves out better in the trot and canter.

- Another common observation from riders is that they notice their horses are freer to move about and flex. And they also report that their horse responds better to leg cues and body movements. 

- Finally, we've offered Sports Saddles for over 21 years and we still hear riders report many significant improvements in their horse's performance and back health. 

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The group is open to all interested in Bob Marshall saddles: Buy, Sell, Tips, Ask questions, Share photos and experiences.

The pricing at sportsaddle.com is the same as at the Bob Marshall Saddlery in Kentucky. And Gerri is an authorized dealer for Bob Marshal Sports Saddle for 21 years. You can contact her and enjoy the best in personalized assistance for creating a beautiful Bob Marshall saddle.

There are so many attractive options you can choose to add to your Bob Marshall Sports Saddle® (other than the addition of fenders, rear cinch, breast collar, sports cincha or different stirrups) that people really enjoy the help with learning about and understanding all the options. Some of Gerri's customers consider her services "America's Favorite Bob Marshall Treeless Sport Saddle Dealer".


Jean Graziano‎ to Bob Marshall Sports Saddle group August 12 at 7:46 PM

I thought it would be fun to hear your stories. Please share with us how you learned of Bob Marshall Sports Saddles And why your saddle is important to you.. You can also share your favorite pictures of you and your horse with your Sports Saddle

Nancy Tremblay I first learned about BM in about 1998 when a good friend had two!We trail rode together alot and I just had to have one. I bought an all roughout saddle advertised as a BM but didn't have the BM plaque and the underside was a nylon not wool. It was super comfy saddle but not sure an original. I then bought a Circle Y BM and it was nice but the pommel and horn to high for my liking. So in 2002 I bought a Trail saddle, youth cut special order from Gerri Rini. Loved, loved, loved that saddle. Sold my horses last year, just not riding enough and the fencing, getting hay, trimming feet etc. just getting to much for my old bones 🙁 and sold my saddle this year. This was I think around 2002 when I bought my saddle coming out of a tough ride into two lakes. 

Stacey Killmaier I was 13 years old. We had rented a farm from someone we considered a family friend at the time. We bought several horses from her over the years, and she’s helped me get started in gaming and barrel racing. She offered me her rodeo horse to lease, and told us about this new saddle out that I just HAD to buy. I remember her saying it wasn’t a pretty saddle, but it was amazing for barrel racing. My parents bought me a Bob Marshall at the end of 1994 or the beginning of 1995 (thinking on my horse timeline lol).

I ran in the Game Horse Association of NJ winning many championships, same in 4–H, moving on to better horses it carried me into my rodeo days. I won numerous State Championships. My BM became my go to for trails and breaking horses. It’s ability to mold to any horse really makes it the perfect saddle overall. I retired my main barrel horse at 25 as as I went to college/moved to Florida my BM passed time in my old barn. In 2010 I bought another horse, and my parents shipped down my BM.

Still in stellar condition, I used it daily, today in 2019, I am still breaking/training my own horses and showing in the SAME BM saddle. It’s extremely sentimental as I’ve used it on so many horses that I’ve loved over so many years. Many children have used my saddle as well, all of which have moved on to buying BM’s of their own.

Barbara Guzzo I was camping and trail riding with a friend. I was sick with fybromylagia but had not been diagnosed yet. She was a physician's assistant. And had already kinda guessed but hadn't said anything. I couldn't lift my heavy treed Billy cook saddle that I loved. I ask her to help me sit it on my horse. She told me NO! And said get my Bob Marshall and ride it .

She had been trying to get me to try her BMSS . I lifted it and was shocked at how lite it was ! I saddled my horse. We rode all day. I rode in it all weekend. I ask her if I could take it home. I sold all my treed saddles. I had 4 quality western saddles one was my silver show western pleasure saddle. All heavy saddles. I bought my friends endurance BMSS. That was 20 years ago. I have since bought several others. Ordered 5 custom made. Now riding a non peeked wrangler model . I can ride for hours in a BMSS. I'm 62. I have fibromyalgia, dengentive discs, and arthritis. I dont hurt when riding my Bob

Tammy Lineback I bought my second one in 2005. The saddle was my favorite of all time. I sold it when my horse retired and regretted it. But in the time that I rode in it on her, I would ride thousands of miles a year both competitively in it and for fun. One year riding in the saddle I won the President’s Cup in the nation riding for the North American Trail Ride Conference NATRC.

My mare never had a sore back. People would judge me for riding in a treeless saddle all the time. But when my girl would win over all of the other horses at each competition and receive sweepstakes or first places they couldn’t say a thing. I had it custom-made which I think really helped. I used the thicker leather and had it tooled, no horn, added western fenders, Cheyenne roll and set the fenders/stirrups back slightly so I would be more upright. It was like a glove to me. I’m hoping the woman who bought it for her gypsy vanner loves it. I have missed it so much. When I won this huge award riding all these competitions 60 miles a weekend, I was going to let the company know how awesome the saddle was but I never did.

Alicia Holicky I bought my first BM in 2015. The horse it was intended for had back issues and he hated the saddle so I sold it ☹️. I got another horse with saddle fitting issues and tried 4 different saddles. I finally got another BM this year and I love it. It is working great for my horse.

Lori Spaulding I learned about it originally back in the day from magazine articles but I really considered it when I had a horse with a difficult to fit back. I ended up at a saddle fitter who recommended a BM sports saddle. It's the best saddle ever. I have had treed saddles I liked but this is like a dream. Almost like bareback for feeling your horse but secure like a saddle. I will never go back.

Mary Govel Martin Following for later. Would love to know what pad you gals who've been riding in them for ages find to be the best. I know the question has been asked a hundred times. If you could explain why too that would be so helpful.

Leslie Malone I was going through saddle fitting heck. Borrowed my cousin’s BM. LOVED IT! Loved I say. Tried to find a used one with round skirt. No luck. So I ordered from Geri Rini and paid the expediting charge. Photo when it was fairly new. No longer use a rear cinch. Had it for 10+ years. Have ridden that appy in that saddle in 24 states.

Pam Nelson A friend had an endurance model & I rode in it. Fell in love! Bought one. Got older. Bought a trail model with horn. Love it! Can actually mount my 16hh Saddlebred from the ground now! It stays put & gives me support all around. Wouldn’t ride anything else!

Cheryl Hoering This is my Bob Marshall 14.5 inch barrel saddle with custom tint and floral tooling, beads all over. I ordered it about 3 years ago from Gerri Rini. Great service from her and i love my Bob.

Rena Hruska-Lehman Basic trail ride saddle. Bought about 15-18 years ago. Couldn’t find a saddle to fit my 2 quarter horses. Even had someone come over to measure and fit them. They recommend the tree less. This is my 3 horse (MFT) using my BM. Bought another one off this site a week ago. Still waiting for it to come in the mail. Bought a wrangler.

Sandra Hahn I read a story about them years ago, maybe even one of you. I got a affordable non-BM no horn and ended up sending it back and put the idea on the back burner.

Now a whole family of barrel racers (4 generations use Bob Marshall’s at our saddle club. They happen to ride like the wind too...but after talking to them I decided to look again. Of the many praises, the one that tipped it for me was that your really feel held in. AND yet close contact. Got one, then passing it to my husband , I got a second one off this FB page.
I love riding trails, love that they are light and love that tucked in feeling.

Karen Sullivan I got back into horses when we moved to Lake County in 1990. I had an old Barnsby English saddle that seemed to bother my horse going downhill...started the great saddle search, Around 1992, my friend and I went to look at some gaited horses in a nearby town. The breeder has this really strange looking saddle (treeless bob marshall endurance saddle). We rode the horses and loved the saddle..so both bought them and that was the start of our love affair with the Bob Marshall's....

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