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10-Day Saddle Trial

10-Day Saddle Trial

Try a Bob Marshall Sport Saddle for a 10-day saddle trial.  There is NO restocking fee and a full refund (minus shipping) if the saddle is returned undamaged.  If you decide to keep the saddle, just drop us a call and you will be refunded the shipping costs.

The Cost of your 10-Day Saddle Trial is only the cost of shipping!

Take a look at our list of saddles in stock.  We can immediately send out any saddle that’s on the completed list.  For saddles on the incomplete list, it usually takes about two weeks to finish – at which point we can send them out to you.  The wait-times for a demo saddle varies depending on current demand.

Simply call (614) 837-7299 about your 10 Day Saddle Trial and I will help you figure out your best options and seat size and match you up to a saddle on the list that is best suited to your tastes and your style of riding.

You can get accredited financing now on all Sports Saddle purchases through Square Capital.  The Square Capital, LLC offers 3, 6, and 12 month payment plans – contact Square Capital directly with your questions –


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