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About Us

love of horses may be genetic . . .

Born to befriend horse. I feel I was called to it from birth. Perhaps this love is genetic, but none of my family has ever been drawn to the horse with the exception of my great Uncle Winston. My dad said that my Virginia uncle was an avid horseman with great skill. But, Uncle Winston couldn’t have influenced me because I didn’t know about him until I was well into horses as a young adult. So, I ruled out genetics.

I have no doubt that some of us are born to befriend and know the horse – to become one with the horse as we hone our instincts into more useful equine knowledge.It is a deep connection, an emotion that can produce tears in our eyes and a lump in our throat as we watch a graceful European Warmblood with it’s rider arch skillfully over a 6 foot fence at a Grand Prix event.

it’s in the blood . . .

If it’s in the blood, you have to struggle to hold back the tears while watching the beauty and mystic of the reining horse spinning on a dime and performing the awesome gliding stop.We sense the bold and courageous heart of the horse that enables him to perform in challenging athletics like the Grand Prix.

And there is the strong, steady, dependable endurance horse that travels a 100 miles per day. Why do these performances touch our feelings so?I feel sure it’s in our blood, abiding deeply and mysteriously inside us horse lovers.There are 4 major blood types now – O, A, B and AB. But, I feel sure that when the medical sciences finally catch up with us equine enthusiasts, they’ll discover a fifth blood type – H …

that special thing between horse & rider . . .

It may have been a while since you felt that special blend between horse and rider that frees you both to discover a very satisfying place in nature’s playground.It’s that magic feeling between horse, rider and nature that most intrigues me and, I hope, that it engages you as well

Over the years, I’ve bought many different kinds of saddles and pads and until now I’ve usually been less then satisfied.Buying ill-fitting saddles has been expensive and disappointing.I’ve learned some costly lessons along the way. Now, I understand the challenges involved with finding the right saddle.

saddle fit jouney 1998 . . .

Back in those days I was having a lot of problems riding my horse because he had a very sore back. That’s when my quest to understand saddle fit started.Victoria Varley of Annandale Farms wrote a wonderful article for the 1993 edition of Gaitway/CELEBRATION entitled “Don’t Blame the Horse, Check Your Saddle”.

Victoria’s article influenced me a lot, and I’ve reprinted it here, with her permission, for your enjoyment and benefit.As a result of my experiences, I decided to offer fellow horse enthusiasts a valuable saddle and pad solution.This solution helps riders to enjoy their sport more, and it helps horses feel increased comfort resulting in better horsey behavior.

your Quest . . .

If you haven’t started your saddle fit quest this website is a very good place to begin your search. If you’ve been searching for some time, then you can rest now. I’ve provided this website for you, and it’s one of the best places to find a saddle and pad that best suites your needs, and at the right price, too.The proper combination of Sports Saddle and Equalizer pad will help you to re-discover the magic of horse-back riding. Many riders will benefit from using treeless sports saddles and equalizer saddle pads.

You can select from a wide variety of models and optional accessories.Since there are so many selections and options to choose from, I will add a lot of value by helping you to make your selections and facilitating the sales and delivery process.

Call me if you need help

Warm regards,

Gerri Rini 614-837-7299


About Us – Customer Comments

From: Sue B
Subject: Thanks

Wow, I am still so excited about your saddles and cannot WAIT to order mine. I am so happy to find a saddle that is so comfortable for the horse and the rider!! You really answered lots of questions!!! I love all the options. I love how light the saddle is and of course the comfort. Much more than I dared hope to find for an over 50 rider!!

By the way, I am SURE you did inherit your love of horses from your Great Uncle Winston. A couple months ago I mentioned to my mom that I figured our love of horses came from her dad but didn’t know why I was so especially drawn to draft horse types. She told me that my Grandpa and his dad and grandfather raised Percherons! Isn’t that something?

Mom had three horses growing up, my youngest sister had one, and my other sister, niece and I always have friends who have horses for us to ride. My brother married a horse nut!On the other hand, I couldn’t understand how my husband and family had never even thought of such a crazy notion as getting a horse and then I learned NOT ONE person in three generations ever had one!!

There was one aunt who was interested in horses but she was convinced by the rest of the family her life would be ruined if she got a horse!! Your website is awesome — I have much more I want to read! Thanks for spending the afternoon at Springwater Farm!

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