New 17” Wrangler for Sale

By Noel / October 4, 2019 /

In-stock 11047 is ready for Immediate Shipping!Comes with 10 day trial period and is eligible for financing program! 17” Wrangler – Round skirt – Black Suede Seat (17”) Basketweave Tooling (Center) – Barbwire Tooling(Edging Dyed Brown)Saddle is Dyed Black with Barbwire Tooling Dyed Brown. #46 Leather Horn – Border Tooled Chaps – Border Tooled 12”…

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Hand Carved Barrel Racer

13.5 in. Hand Carved Barrel Racer

By Noel / September 13, 2019 /

Hand Carved Barrel Racer Stock# 10991 Hand Carved Barrel Racer – $2,850 – 🚨 Ready for Immediate Shipping 🚨 This beautiful floral barrel racer is featuring 2 new options that are available now! A 6” Cantle and the new tilted horn option. This Barrel Racer is one sharp saddle! Its instock #10991 available for 10 day trial…

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A Fast Forward Chocolate Roughout Barrel Racer

By Noel / August 24, 2019 /

NOVEMBER 13, 2018 9:47 PM Hi Gerri,  About four years ago, I bought my first Bob Marshall (used, from a lady who had also bought it used) and it is the best thing I’ve ever ridden in! I absolutely adore it. Through all the wear and  been put into it over the years, it’s still…

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We Had a Blast Riding In The Mardi Gras

By Noel / April 28, 2013 /

Hi Gerri, Here is my wonderful deluxe trail rider saddle on my parade horse, Touche. We are getting ready to ride in a Mardi Gras parade in this picture. We rode in 7 parades an average of 5 hours in the saddle per parade, and boy, was I glad I had a Bob Marshall saddle!!…

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