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Why Choose

Horse owners have contacted me with all kinds of saddle and riding problems. I have been a dealer for SS Inc. since 1998. Almost since the treeless saddle era began. I have helped thousands of people since that time.  And there are many riders out there still that haven't come across the proper blend of saddle and pad.

Some people have been disadvantaged by having bought a common treed saddle that sored their horses’ shoulders or that created an aching back problem. Many people I  have found are hopeful that they have found a permanent, long-term solution to their riding problems.

Bob Marshall's Sports Saddles with the Skito Equalizer saddle pads solve an incredibly wide range of riding and saddle problems. I have heard from increasingly more and more people that their veterinarian recommended that they try one. What a pleasure it is serving this equine community.

When You Feel Ready Please Give me a call at 614-837-7299 to Help with Your Questions or to Take Your Order.