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Trail Saddles Gallery

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BMSS Trail Saddles Are Lightweight and Treeless

Trail riding requires a saddle and saddle pad that is unlike other types of riding equipment. For each equestrian sport, choosing the right style of equipment is vital. Depending on how close the rider wants to be for directing the horse will often determine the type and size of saddle to buy.

Trail riding is much different from show and competition requirements. Withstanding the rugged terrain of most trails, the type saddle must be one that provides comfort, control and safety. It should be a delight from start to finish, with expectations for the next ride. Because as you can image, riding for hours while sitting in a saddle can over time affect both the horse and the rider’s back and spine.

Tips for Enjoying Your Trail Rides

When hitting the trail for long hours, you want a saddle that is comfortable both for you and your horse.  The next generation of trail saddles enhance comfort and convenience for both horse and rider.

A good trail saddle is engineered to provide comfort and stability over the long haul, for both horse and rider. In addition, it should offer convenient features that make it practical to carry water, take your lunch and tote essential gear, so you’re ready for whatever forces of nature you encounter on the trail.

A good saddle should keep riders in a natural position, which means less stiffness when the ride is over. When you step down, you should still be able to walk.

Bob Marshall Trail Saddles are designed for maximum comfort of rider as well as a good fit for the horse.  They feature a deep padded seat specifically designed to provide more comfort for long rides at slower speeds.

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