13.5 in. Hand Carved Barrel Racer

Hand Carved Barrel Racer

Stock# 10991 Hand Carved Barrel Racer – $2,850 – 🚨 Ready for Immediate Shipping 🚨

This beautiful floral barrel racer is featuring 2 new options that are available now! A 6” Cantle and the new tilted horn option.

This Barrel Racer is one sharp saddle! Its instock #10991 available for 10 day trial period and is also available for financing!

•13.5″ Hand Carved Barrel Racer
•Floral #2
•Black Suede Seat

• #19 Braided Horn (New Tiltled Horn)
• 6” Cantle
• Corner Cut Skirt

• Saddle is Dyed Black Cherry
• Matching Breast Collar & Rear Cinch
• Silver Spots (Double)

• 10″ Fenders Tooled
• Upgraded J Watt Hardware.

Call Gerri at 614 837-7299 or email: gerri@ridetreeless.com TODAY!

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