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Here you will find recently made in-stock saddles for sale, western saddles, barrel saddles, and endurance saddles. There are no used saddles for sale ordinarily. Although on occasion a customer may have a BMSS saddle for sale that we can post here. Because it was used briefly, or not at all, and we will post those used saddles for sale.

If you have a question about having your used saddle for sale posted here get in touch with Gerri.

Accredited Financing Is Available Now On ALL Saddles for Sale.

Saddles with one seat size are COMPLETED  and can be shipped right away.  Saddles with two seat sizes ARE INCOMPLETE AND can be made either size listed and take about two weeks to finish.

Since the saddles with two seat sizes are incomplete there are no pictures of them.  But if you call WE MAY BE ABLE TO direct you to a saddle with similar tooling, color etc… Also, the term “FAST FORWARD” means a Trail Pommel (tilted forward), a Barrel Cantle and Slide-bar Rigging.

10-Day Saddle Trial

All In-Stock Saddles have a 10-day trial period. When the demo is returned following the trial, a full refund minus shipping is provided.  To put it the other way – shipping is charged on all In-Stocks for the customer to take advantage of the 10-day trail period.

SHIPPING on all In-Stocks is $70.00. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska and outside of the U.S. cost more – call for a quote.

09-04-2019 Instocks Update


PRIVATE OWNER – Barrel Saddle for Sale

It’s in England: it’s a 16″ Barrel saddle w/ 10″ fenders, it’s new and never been used; w/ 10” fenders (fits persons with 31 inch inseam or less – as measured from crotch to floor with no shoes on).

Includes 3 inch leather-braided/silver capped horn, 5 inch silver-laced cantle, floral-tooled silver-studded leather panels, breast collar, brown endurance-leather seat, 6 latigos, 2 front and 4 rear D rings, and leather-wrapped stirrups.

The cost is €1600 (euros) or $1980.00 (dollars US). Buyer pays shipping. Contact Caroline at​ . Click on them to expand it.

All Western Saddles Shown Below are Sold

They are recent, and they serve as good examples of some of the popular features.

It may be a good idea to call Gerri, 614 837-7299, if you have any questions.

Click the PIC to see the full view.

3 Trail Riders


Instock Number: 10573

Type: Trail Rider - Border Tooled

Size: 16.5"

Features: Basket Weave Border & 2 sets of Latigos

List Price: $


Instock Number: 10569

Type: Trail Rider - Rough Out Double Rider

Size: 16.5"

Features: Square Point Panels, Barbwire Tooling, & 3 Sets of Latigos

List Price: $


Instock Number: 10593

Type: Trail Rider - Wrangler - Double Jockey

Size: 16.5"

Features: Tan Buckstitch, 2 Sets of Latigos, & 12" Tooled Fenders

List Price: $

3 Barrel Racers


Instock Number: 10481

Type: Barrel Racer - Hand Tooled

Size: 13.5"

Features: Squared Back with Floral and Basket Weave Tooling also Including Turquoise Whipstitch

List Price: $


Instock Number: 10552

Type: Barrel Racer - Rough-Out / Youth Cut

Size: 13"

Features: Pink Whipstitch & Sugar Skull Conchos

List Price: $


Instock Number: 10575

Type: Barrel Racer - Hand Tooled

Size: 14.5"

Features: Floral #2 Tooling & Black Whipstitch

List Price: $

3 More Barrel Racers


Instock Number: 10356

Type: Barrel Racer - Rough Cut

Size: 14.5"

Features: Purple Rope Design Whipstitch

List Price: $

barrel 718-22

Instock Number: 10574

Type: Barrel Racer - Racer

Size: 14.5"

Features: Floral with Basket Weave Tooling & Silver Spots

Includes: Tooled Rear Chinch & Breast Collar!

List Price: $

barrel 718-21

Instock Number: 10476

Type: Barrel Racer - Round Skirt

Size: 13"

Features: Blue & Green Spots in Ropes Design

List Price: $

Lastly, 3 More Barrel Racers

barrel 718-20

Instock Number: 10357

Type: Barrel Racer : Square Rough-Out

Size: 14.5"

Features: Black & Topaz Crystals with Two Sets of Latigos

10" or 12" Fenders Available

List Price: $

barrel 718-19

Instock Number: 10434

Type: Barrel Racer - Fancy Round Skirt

Size: 14"

Features: Floral Borders and Turquoise Buckstitch

List Price: $

barrel 718-17

Instock Number: 10628

Type: Barrel Racer - Basic

Size: 13.5"

Features: Toast Suede Seat, Round Skirt, & Medium OIl

List Price: $

Customer Comments: In-Stock Saddles for Sale ... Click + to Expand

From: Betty M
I just wanted to tell you thanks for all the help with the saddle. I rode in it this weekend for the first time on a 15 mile ride. To my surprise, I had no aches and pains like I usually do in a Western Saddle. Also, my horse had no back pain at all. It was absolutely wonderful. I don't think that I will ever ride in any other type saddle for the rest of my riding years!!!
Once again, THANK YOU!!!!!
Betty M

From: Maureen R
Fenja (the icy) loved it!! No surprise to me. I rode a SS on a different Icelandic, a while ago, which is what convinced me to go the SS route, because I loved feeling the horse move freely underneath me. We rode out on bush trails, hills and flat last night, and the feeling and contact from her was amazing. My friend tried it on the other icy (different shape altogether) and both of them loved it too.
Thanks, Maureen

From: Miriam W
I have had a Bob Marshall saddle for several years, it is a barrel saddle and I love it. I originally got it for an Arab that I was having trouble fitting but found that it has worked on all the horses I have ridden.

I also want to add that I bought the saddle for my horse's back but what I found was it was so much more comfortable for me too. I have a hip joint that gives me some trouble, one hour in a conventional saddle is very painful, I can ride many hours comfortably in the SS.
Thanks, Maggie W

From: Jennifer J
I just wanted you to know how much I love my new Endurance Sport Saddle. People were stopping to adjust their sliding saddles, but not me. No sliding, no hot spots, no sores (for me or my horse). My horse just loves it too. His attitude on the trail is so much more cooperative. I think he's just more comfortable.
Thanks again. Jennifer

Kris H
... I also love my saddle for just riding around the woods and we also compete in barrel racing and gaming in it too!. So, needless to say, I LOVE MY BOB MARSHALL!!!
Sincerely, Kristin H

Susanne S
... And when we started to trot she did a beautiful slow jog as she'd never done before. Before we were doing a slow trot, close to jog. Because today it was just perfect and I felt as if I was floating along weightlessly on top of my horse. It's hard to believe what a difference a saddle can make! Because the first time I tried it, it was indoors and I'd never sat her trot so comfortably, and a friend who watched was impressed how freely and relaxed Sina was moving along.
Best regards from a happy Sports Saddle owner.

Vanessa W
I am getting along great with the saddle. It was truly a "god send" when my new horse, Raku showed up from Oregon. Most importantly, the saddle went from a 850 lb. Arab mare to a 1200 lb. NSH without a problem.

Cindy T
Because every time one of the other saddles started bothering Rocky after a couple of months we'd be back to the BM treeless. That's why, I'm a "lifer" now!!! 🙂 .

Karen S
I have ridden these for 9 years, successfully. Because the reason they work (at least for my family) is that they conform to the shape of the back as it moves and changes shape. Anyway, I have 5 sport saddles, and use them on all my 5 horses.... I find them lightweight, extremely well balanced and my horses travel better. I ride with a loose group of 12 or so friends who all have them, on a variety of horse colors and shapes. I have NEVER seen any back sores, pressure marks or white hairs caused by these saddles. I cannot even begin to list the number of people I know that used traditional treed saddles for YEARS, only to find damage; that switched me to the sport saddles.

When you feel ready please call Gerri at 614-837-7299, or email her at:

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