In-Stock Saddles for Sale

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Here you will find recently made in-stock saddles for sale, western saddles, barrel saddles, and endurance saddles. There are no used saddles for sale ordinarily. Although on occasion a customer may have a BMSS saddle for sale that we can post here. Because it was used briefly, or not at all, and we will post those used saddles for sale.

If you have a question about having your used saddle for sale posted here get in touch with Gerri.

Accredited Financing Is Available Now On ALL Saddles for Sale.

Saddles with one seat size are COMPLETED  and can be shipped right away.  Saddles with two seat sizes ARE INCOMPLETE AND can be made either size listed and take about two weeks to finish.

Since the saddles with two seat sizes are incomplete there are no pictures of them.  But if you call WE MAY BE ABLE TO direct you to a saddle with similar tooling, color etc… Also, the term “FAST FORWARD” means a Trail Pommel (tilted forward), a Barrel Cantle and Slide-bar Rigging.

10-Day Saddle Trial

All In-Stock Saddles have a 10-day trial period. When the demo is returned following the trial, a full refund minus shipping is provided.  To put it the other way – shipping is charged on all In-Stocks for the customer to take advantage of the 10-day trail period.

SHIPPING on all In-Stocks is $70.00. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska and outside of the U.S. cost more – call for a quote.

06-17-2020 Instocks Update


Need a New 14.5 Trail Rider Today?

New 14.5 inch Trail Rider - Antique Brown, Original Bob Marshall, square-cut skirt, 3 inch trail horn, diamond border-tooled, 5 inch scooped-out cantle, 10 inch fenders - fits inseam 30 inches and under, $2000.00 - buyer pays shipping. It is being sold because the seat size is a little to large for the owner. You can reach her at this address - Email: It's ready to ship NOW!



ALL SOLD - 48 Recent Instock Photos - Just for a Quick Browse

These are good as examples, BUT THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE. All of the saddles below are already SOLD but are recent examples of saddle builds that appealed to some customers.



Multi-view Example of a Beautiful Fancy Barrel Saddle w/ Matching Breast Collar

16″ Barrel saddle w/ 10″ fenders, w/ 10” fenders (fits persons with 31 inch inseam or less – as measured from crotch to floor with no shoes on).

3 inch leather-braided/silver capped horn, 5 inch silver-laced cantle, floral-tooled silver-studded leather panels, breast collar, brown endurance-leather seat, 6 latigos, 2 front and 4 rear D rings, and leather-wrapped stirrups.

western saddle for sale
western saddle for sale
western saddle for sale
western saddle for sale
western TRAIL saddle for sale