In-Stock Saddles for Sale


Quick-Ship saddles are a faster way to get a saddle built to fit your needs.

Note: In some cases, accessory add-ons may delay saddle ship-time to outside of the 3 week parameter.

• Saddle to be completed and shipped within 3 weeks of full payment.

• Quick-Ship Saddle size options are 13.5" through 15.5".

• Quick-Ship Saddles have a non-refundable $50 convenience fee (Included in the pricing).

• Quick-Ship Saddles (With Standard Rigging) have the standard 10 day return policy

   ($50 Fee and Shipping costs are non-refundable) [Saddles made with Allison Ray Rigging are NOT eligible for return].

• Quick-Ship orders are not eligible for lease.

Chocolate Roughout Barrel Racer
Price $2,190.00

Chocolate Roughout Barrel Racer
Price $2,220.00

Chocolate Roughout Barrel Racer
SKU: (QS5)
Price $2,175.00

Endurance Saddle
Price $1,545.00


No. Status Price Size Type Description
11684 Available $2005 (Shipped) 11.5" Baby Bob Barrel Racer 11.5" R/O Baby Bob, Purple Croc Seat (& on carriers), Dye Blk, #18 L/H, C/C Back, Sewn In Purple Thread, 2 Latigos.
11829 Incomplete $2270 (Shipped) 11" Baby Bob Barrel Racer 11" BABY BOB Rough Out Barrel Racer, Acid Washed Cowhide, Dyed Chocolate, Corner Cut, #18 L/H, Cowhide Covered Carriers,HPP, C/T & Chaps, B/C w/Inlay of Cowhide and Blue Fringe, Sew in Blue Thread, Conchos In Office.
11830 Incomplete $2160 (Shipped) 12" Baby Bob Barrel Racer 12" Roughout Baby Bob, Round Skirt, Leopard Hair Hide on [Chaps, Cantle Seat, Carriers, HPP, C/T], Black Suede Pad, Sew In Tan Thread, R/O Dye Black, #19 L/H, JWatt R/C D's, B/C (Leopard Inlay, Black Fringe).
11828 Available $2190 (Shipped) 12" Baby Bob BR 12" BABY BOB Rough Out Barrel Racer, Dyed Chocolate, Gold Gator, Corner Cut, Large Regular Copper Spots, #19 L/H, JWATT Hardware Pkg Including Rear Cinch D's, B/C Inlay w Black fringe, Black Diamond Copper Berry Conchos.
11859 Available $2,505 (Shipped) 14.5'' Barrel Racer 14.5" Roughout Barrel Racer, Dyed Chocolate, #29 Leather Horn, Corner Cut Back Panels, Black Twisted Buckstitching, Green Leafy Sunflower Material in seat, 10" Fenders (Buckstitched).
11826 Available $2190 (Shipped) 15" Barrel Racer 15" Border Tooled Barrel Racer, Roughout Dyed Black, New Toast Suede, Corner Cut, #19 L/H, Diamond Tool Border, Copper Rim Gold Crystals, R/O Chaps Dye Black, Blk Diamond Copper Berry Conchos.
11825 Available $2575 (Shipped) 14.5" Barrel Racer 14.5" "Racer" Rough Out Barrel Saddle, Floral Gator, Corner Cut Back Panels with Gator Inlay, Large Parachute Spots, Dyed Black, #29 L/H, 10" R/O Fenders, JWATT Hardware Package, No Conchos In Inlay
11861 Available $2140 (Shipped) 12.5" Barrel Racer 12.5" R/O BR Y/C, Choc. Dye, Blk Suede, White B/S, #19 L/H, C/C Back Panels.
11843 Available $2,815 15" Barrel Racer 15" Barrel Racer Sunflower Border, Twisted White Buckstitch (Whole Saddle), Round Skirt, Peak High, Black Suede, Small Chaps (Matching Tooling & B/S), #29 Braided Horn (Tilted), Antique Black Stain w/ Black Dyed Edge, 12" Fenders (Matching Tool & Buckstitch), 6" Cantle, Allison Ray Rigging, 4 Extra D Rings on Back Of Cantle, Aluminum Stirrups.
11860 Available $2520 (Shipped) 14" Barrel Racer 14" BR R/O, Dye Choc., #29 L/H, C/C Back Panels, Fern Twisted B/S, New Green Sunflower Material in seat, R/C (B/S).
11856 Available $2295 (Shipped) 14.5" Barrel Racer 14.5" R/O BR, C/C Back Panels, Dye Blk, Double Copper Spots: [Seam on Pommel & Around Horn, C/R, Panels, *No spots on chaps*],
Blk Suede, #29 B/H.
11813 Available $2390 (Shipped) 15" Barrel Racer 15" HTBR, D/T, B/W Border, #19 B/H, Blk Suede, C/C Back Panels, Dark Walnut, 12" Tooled Fenders, Tooled R/C
11798 Incomplete $2145 (Shipped) 14.5" Barrel Racer 14.5" ROBR, Buckskin Leather, Brown Elephant On Pommel & Back Of Cantle, Corner Cut, 10" R/O Fenders & Chaps, C/R R/O, Dyed Black, # 19 B/H.
11855 Incomplete $2170 (Shipped) 14.5" Barrel Racer 14.5" R/O BR, Dye Choc., #19 B/H, Blk Suede, C/C Back Panels, Twisted Bone B/S.
11887 Incomplete $2140 (Shipped) 16" Barrel Racer 16" ROBR, Blk S., #19 L/H, C/C, Dyed Choc., White B/S Twisted
11888 Incomplete $2270 (Shipped) 15" Barrel Racer 15" "RACER" R/OBR, Blk S., #29 B/H, ARR, Dyed Black, Double Copper Spots, Mystic Python Silver/Black In Cut-Outs, Carriers, & Contrast Trim
11889 Incomplete $2140 (Shipped) 14.5" Barrel Racer 14.5" R/OBR, Blk S., #19 L/H, White Twisted B/S, C/C, Dyed Chocolate
11890 Incomplete $2140 (Shipped) 14.5" Barrel Racer 14.5" R/OBR, Choc. S., Turquoise Twisted B/S, #29 L/H, C/C, Dyed Chocolate
11891 Incomplete $2285 (Shipped) 14.5" Barrel Racer 14.5" R/OBR, Toast S.,Dyed Blk, White B/S Match To 10" Fenders, #19 B/H, C/C,
11892 Incomplete $1990 (Shipped) 15" Barrel Racer 15" BTBR, Gray Suede, Crazy Tool, Rnd Skirt, #19 L/H, Round Skirt, Ant. Blk Stain
11894 Incomplete $1870 (Shipped) 13.5" Barrel Racer 13.5" Smoothout Barrel Racer, Youth Cut, Round Skirt, #19 L/H, Black Suede, Dark Oiled.
11901 Incomplete $2,445 16" Barrel Racer 16" Racer Barrel Saddle, Square Skirt, Fully Tooled Basketweave, White B/S, #19 B/H, Black Suede, Large Tooled Chaps (+B/S), 12" Tooled Fenders (+B/S), Antique Black.
11693 Available $1550 (Shipped) 15.5" Endurance 15.5" Basic Endurance (Old Style Cut), Peak-High, Black Endurance Seat, Dyed Black, Large Chaps, 4" Cantle with C/R, Show Pommel (No horn).
11811 Available $1835 (Shipped) 16.5" Plantation 16.5" Plantation, 1 Strand B-Wire, Rd/Sk, Show Pommel, Blk End. Dye Blk, Dark Oil Contrast Trim & Carriers, 12" Fenders (Bwire).
11190 Available 14.5" Trail Rider 14.5" Used Trail Rider, No Horn Pommel, 4" Cantle w/ C/R, Large Chaps, Dyed All Black. Saddle Is In Missouri
11809 Available $2275 (Shipped) 16.5" Wrangler 16.5" Wrangler, Blk End., No Peak, C/C Back Panels, Brn Stain, 1 Strand B-Wire, #46 L/H, 2 Sets Of Latigos, 10" Fenders.

Accredited Financing Is Available Now On ALL Saddles for Sale.

Saddles with one seat size are COMPLETED  and can be shipped right away.  Saddles with two seat sizes ARE INCOMPLETE AND can be made either size listed and take about two weeks to finish.

Since the saddles with two seat sizes are incomplete there are no pictures of them.  But if you call WE MAY BE ABLE TO direct you to a saddle with similar tooling, color etc… Also, the term “FAST FORWARD” means a Trail Pommel (tilted forward), a Barrel Cantle and Slide-bar Rigging.

10-Day Saddle Trial

All In-Stock Saddles have a 10-day trial period. When the demo is returned following the trial, a full refund minus shipping is provided.  To put it the other way – shipping is charged on all In-Stocks for the customer to take advantage of the 10-day trail period.

SHIPPING on all In-Stocks is $70.00. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska and outside of the U.S. cost more – call for a quote.

Did You Day-dream of a New 14.5 Trail Rider Today?

Why not order one of your own. A new one, a 14.5 inch Trail Rider - Antique Brown, Original Bob Marshall, square-cut skirt, 3 inch trail horn, diamond border-tooled, 5 inch scooped-out cantle, 10 inch fenders - fits inseam 30 inches and under, $2000.00 - buyer pays shipping. It is being sold because the seat size is a little to large for the owner. You can send Gerri your saddle order to email: anytime, just like that.


How About One of These Others

They May ALL Be SOLD but they are Recent Instock Photos - Just Take a Quick Browse for Convenience Sake.

Here are pics of 48 more saddles. Altogether, these are very good examples of current production, BUT NONE OF THEM ARE FOR SALE. All of the saddles below are already SOLD. They serve only as examples of recent saddle builds.


Multi-view Example of a Beautiful, Fancy Barrel Saddle w/ Matching Breast Collar

You gotta get one these for the next holiday surprise. It's a beautiful 16″ Barrel saddle w/ 10″ fenders, w/ 10” fenders (fits persons with 31 inch inseam or less – as measured from crotch to floor with no shoes on).

3 inch leather-braided/silver capped horn, 5 inch silver-laced cantle, floral-tooled silver-studded leather panels, breast collar, brown endurance-leather seat, 6 latigos, 2 front and 4 rear D rings, and leather-wrapped stirrups.

western saddle for sale
western saddle for sale
western saddle for sale
western saddle for sale
western TRAIL saddle for sale