The word “standard” (Std.) refers to those items, which are included on the Basic Trail Rider.

The trail rider is offered in 14″ to 17″ seats, in black, chocolate or toast suede and finished in medium oil with a leather horn.

The saddle now comes with a hoof pick pocket and a from water bottle D’s, not shown in photo.

  • Also available with a square skirt – extra
  • Matching fenders – extra
  • Matching leather breast collar – extra
  • Matching leather rear cinch – extra

1. Std. leather covered laced western stirrups, 3 inches measured from toe-to-toe not side-to-side,  2 inch stirrups also available.

2. Stirrup hobbles com with the fenders when ordered

3. Optional – fenders, extra (can be put on any model)

4. Std. Knee (chap) flaps – covers the rigging

5. Optional – Latigo strings with braided blood knots, $20.00/set

6. Std. rear cinch ring – rear cinches available, leather rear cinch $75

7. Std. Cheyenne roll – on all western models

8. Std. 4 inch cantle – provides plenty of seat security

9. Custom- 2 1/2 to 3″ inch rawhide braided silver capped horn plus a custom fee charge. A leather covered 2 1/2 inch horn is standard.

10. Std. 4 inch trail rider pommel

11. Std. one pair front silver conchos with leather carriers

12. Optional – contrast trim around base of pommel and cantle, plus the custom fee charge.

Popular custom options that create a great looking basic trail saddle are listed below.
Note: there is a extra flat fee for custom options. This fee applies to a one item change or several items. Certain items will be charged for in addition to the custom fee charge. See part B below.If you don’t want an all suede saddle have it covered in the black or chocolate Endurance leather. The saddle can be dyed black or chocolate to match the endurance leather. The contrast trim at the base of the pommel and cantle giving the saddle that perfect finishing touch! Other options include having the saddle stained light or dark oil and ordering a 17 ½” or even an 18 ½” seat. (no extra cost beyond the custom fee charge)


Items with no extra charge beyond the custom fee charge:

Change of cantle or pommel. For example, many people like the added seat security of the 4″ cantle on the Endurance saddle or a barrel racer cantle on the trail rider.

Change of height of horn (There is no charge at all for horn heights on barrel racers)
Choice of leather or rawhide braided horn ?

Youth cut skirting. The normal skirting length from side to side is about 26″. The youth cut is about 21″. This is suited for people 5’3″ and under. The Y/C allows more swing in the stirrups and there is less saddle skirting going down the riders legs. This allows for better contact with the horse at the knee area just where the rider likes to grip with the knees.

Dark or light oil in place of the medium oil which is standard on all trail and barrel saddles. Includes seat sizes smaller or larger than “standard” for a particular standard saddle model. (see each description for the many saddle models list on the website)


Options as an extra charge in addition to the custom fee charge

  • Dyeing a basic trail rider or basic barrel racer all black or all chocolate
  • Cheyenne roll on Endurance saddles – to dye it black or chocolate
  • Front silver conchos with leather carriers
  • Contrast trim around the base of the pommel and cantle, available in light, medium and dark oil
  • Smooth russet leather pommel on basic trail rider, barrel racer or endurance saddle
  • Smooth russet leather cantle on basic trail rider, barrel racer or endurance saddle
  • Silver laced Cantle
  • Montana Silver Swell Plates
  • Montana Silver Cantle Plates
  • Montana Silver corner plates
  • Braided horn with silver cap
  • Each set of silver conchos
  • A complete set of concho/carriers with two sets of silver conchos
  • Extra D ring, cannot be added after saddle is made
  • Girl barrel racer corner plates
  • To cover a basic trail rider in endurance leather, black or chocolate
  • Tooled chap or (knee) flaps
  • Double skirt or jockey
  • Aluminum stirrups

What can be added to the standard models without being a Custom Order?

  • Matching stirrup fenders
  • Matching rear cinch
  • Matching breast collar
  • Sports Sincha
  • Different Stirrups , such as Aluminum on the BTR