Determine Your Seat Size

A Sports Saddle can be ordered in whole sizes and half sizes from a 11″ clear up to a 19″ seat.

The following chart is a breakdown of thigh measurements and seat sizes. This is not an exact science but it will serve as a guideline. When you place an order we will discuss the details of your measurements as well as other considerations. For example, riding style and other needs related to personal style and comfort need to be considered to determine your best seat size.


13” seat — thigh 16” to 16½”

13½” seat — thigh 17” to 17½”

14” seat — thigh 18” to 18½”


14½” seat — thigh 19” to 20”

15” seat — thigh 20½” to 21½”

15½” seat — thigh 22” to 23½”

16” seat — thigh 23½” to 24″


16½” seat — thigh 24” to 24½”

17″ seat — thigh 25” to 26”

17½” seat — thigh 26½” to 27″

18″ seat — thigh 27” to 28”

In order to get sized properly, a person’s height, weight and circumference of the upper thigh is taken into consideration. If you know what size western saddle seat has worked well for you then this also works into the decision. Generally, it is a good idea to have at least a fingers width between your thigh and the pommel in front of you without your pant pockets being glued to the cantle.

If you ride in an English saddle the size does not transfer into the same size measurement for a saddle with a pommel and cantle, but you can still supply that information too. Barrel racers often like a snugger seat than trail riders so the chart below may not be as applicable to them as for trail riders. Although it is still a good guide.


If you have never tried a SS before try one of the demo saddles. If one is not available in a timely manner it would be in your best interest to try one of the saddles from the In Stock list. It is well worth shipping expenses to try one that is close to your size and one that most closely matches the saddle you would normally have ordered.

That way if you like it and want to keep it you will have one you want. But if you want to return it you have that option too. You will get a full refund minus shipping even if you choose not to order one. See the In-Stock List. You can get most of the in stocks within about two weeks from your order.

All of the in stock saddles have a ten day trail and a full refund minus shipping should you decide not to keep it. In contrast to the in stock saddles, standard saddles ordered, (called new builds) that take 8 to 10 weeks to build or the express orders, all have a 125.00 restocking fee.

In the end, trying one of the In-stock saddles is a very good way to find out if you like the SS and if it fits you and your horse.


If you have a SS or are currently trying someone else’s then do yourself a BIG favor and measure that saddle for its actual size.

Do not go by what the owner says it is. This will be very helpful because if that saddle is a pretty good fit for you and you want to order one that is the same or similar size then you must know exactly what size the saddle is that you are trying. Click HERE for how to measure a SS.

Keep in mind that a 16″ Endurance seat will feel roomier than a 16″ Trail Rider due to the Endurance saddle’s lower pommel and cantle. Also, bear in mind that a horse with a sway in it’s back will cause a Sports Saddle to feel tighter to the rider as the saddle conforms to the sway.

And if your horse has steep high withers it will cause the pommel to tilt back a bit more toward the rider. You may need to allow an extra ½” or 1″ more seat size in order to make up the difference.