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Skito Pads


Designed to Fit the Bob Marshall Treeless Sport Saddle

Each one is built to suit your specific saddle. Foam density is the key in regards to comfort, support and durability.

We offer three types of density, Light, Medium and Firm. Other factors may include; region, animals back condition, riding discipline.

All the foam inserts are beveled to eliminate pressure points and allow your leg to lay closer to the animal.

PRINTS – $305


DRYBACK $355.00

The Dryback is an Equalizer Saddle Pad too made by SKITO constructed with a venting material 3M Nomad matting. This matting releases heat and moisture from the large back muscle to the atmosphere. And air flows well between the saddle and saddle pad through the 3M Nomad matting to the top of the saddle pad.


Current Fabrics Available w/ Patterns $305 … Allow 2 to 3 weeks for Delivery. Shipping is $35.00.


SKITO Equalizer Saddle Pad FOAM INSERTS


Capped with Felt and Mesh, this is a great all purpose laminated foam.

This option is great for our light to mid weight riders.

Available thickness: 1/2″ – 1″ & Custom

Riders Weight: Up to 200 LBS


Mesh is laminated between two layers of 1/2 foam to make a durable but flexible base foam for our mid weight riders and horses with back issues.

Available thickness: 1″ & Custom

Riders Weight: 175 LBS – 250 LBS


Felt & Mesh are laminated between two layers of 1/2 foam.

This configuration is more suitable for the mules back and provides comfort for you and your mule.

The lamination reduces the compression of the foam and adds to the rigidity of the foam for better support and less impact pressure.

Available thickness: 1″ & Custom

Riders Weight: 200 LBS +


1″ foam is available. Both thicknesses are appropriate for riders over 175 lbs., or for those in the saddle long hours at a time.

SHIMS: A variety of shims can be added to the foam inserts. The most commonly requested are the center shims. These are useful for horses who are a little bit A-framed where additional lift over the spine is needed.

For the Treeless Saddle User

All of Our Foam Inserts are Beveled to Eliminate Pressure Points and Allow Your Leg to Lay Closer to the Animal.


For the Treeless Saddle advocate, all of our foams inserts are beveled to eliminate pressure points and allow your leg to lay closer to the animal.

Skito pads can be made to fit the contours of any saddle model on the market, Aussie, English, and any treed western saddle.

The pad can be easily washed. Remove the foam inserts and wash the cover in cold water and let air dry.

I am a long time dealer/consultant for SKITO since 1998. Contact me and enjoy personalized assistance for creating your next beautiful SKITO saddle pad.

Washing Instructions

Open velcro and remove foams. Foam inserts are not machine washable. (See below for foam care.) The velcro opening is usually located along the top front edge of pad. Sometimes it is located along the top spine edge of pad.  Close velcro after removing foam. Close any open velcro such as girth straps to prevent  the velcro from snagging  on any other materials. All Velcro must be closed and secure so it doesn’t flop around in the washer.

To Clean Foam Inserts To care for the foam inserts, rinse them in a solutions of  1 cup white vinegar to 5 gallons  of lukewarm water. The vinegar will dissolve the residual salt in the foams left from the sweat from your animal. We suggest that you put the inserts, vinegar and water in your bathtub and walk on them with bare feet.  This will compress and release the foam to work the solution into the open-cells. Drain the tub and rinse the inserts with clean water.  Repeat as needed.  Never wring or twist the foam as it will tear. Never use soap or bleach. For laminated foams put clean foam on several towels and cover the foams with several more towels. Then step on  the whole bundle several times to remove as much moisture as possible.
For non-laminated foams roll clean foams in a towel jelly-roll style, then step on the roll to remove excess water. Finally lay the foams flat on clean towel  to completely air dry away from direct sunlight.

Reinsert foam into your cover and you are good for many more riding miles.

Skito Saddle Pad Options

Skito Wool Saddle Pad

Our 100% wool fleece efficiently wicks the heat laden perspiration to the open cell foam inserts, which acts as a dense sponge pulling the moisture & heat away from the animal to the surface of the pad, which allows for longer rides.

Skito Split Bottom Saddle Pad

Our Split Bottom combines the benefits of our wool and quilted wool felt into on outstanding pad. It keeps the wool on top of the animals back while the quilted wool felt allows for a close contact around the belly for a better cinch and less roll. Price: $20.00 added to your pad


Non Slip Strips can be added to your saddle pad to help prevent slipping. It is great for holding the saddle in place when using a slick fabric like CORDURA.
Price: $0.00

The Non-slip CORDURA is Included with the Purchase of each Skito Equalizer Saddle Pad.


Wither ties and / or Cantel ties can be added to your saddle pad to help secure your pad to your saddle.  This is a nice options to prevent the pad from moving under your saddle.  They come 2 in a set and can be placed centered on the spine or off set on either side of the spine.

When You Feel Ready Please Give Gerri a Call at 614 837-7299 to Help with Your Questions or to Take Your Order.

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