Laine Eley: My Dream Saddle

Dear Gerri,
My friend Mary, who owns the Sports Saddle, and I were at a prize ride recently and I overheard several people we didn’t even know commenting on how gorgeous it is. I have started using her saddle for arena work with my horse. I can’t get over the difference. When I try and describe it to people I sound like a raving lunatic but I don’t care!! I will NEVER ask my horse to wear his old saddle again!

People used to comment that if my horse walked any slower he’d be going backwards, but with the treeless saddle it’s like his shoulders are free and he walks out with hardly a cue. His trot is more open and flowing. When I’m communicating to him he can hear me!! My actions with my legs, feet and seat are so subtle but his reactions are immediate.

I guess the best analogy would be to compare my old saddle with screaming at him through a brick wall and hoping for an answer. With your saddle its like whispering through a screen door. I’m rambling but I can’t get over it. And I KNOW he’s happier!! I’m saving my pennies and my old saddle is getting very dusty!! If anyone wants to verify that I’m not a paid nutcase and I’m sold on the saddle they can call me!!

I was wondering if you could help by giving me an estimate on my dream saddle. My friend just got hers and will never go back. I’m not as rich as she is but I want one soooo bad!! I would like a Deluxe Trail Rider with floral tooling, with matching fenders with a round skirt in light oil with a toast suede seat. I need a 15 inch seat.

My husband will kill me if he knew how much I want to spend, but my horse is so much happier with a treeless saddle. Thanks so much. Someday, I’m going to make this happen!!!