Ordering - Shipping is 85.00 except for Alaska and Hawaii and overseas.

In the near future we will have on line ordering. If you know what you want please send Gerri an email with your wish list and she will reply back with a quote.

Accredited financing is now available on all Sports Saddles purchases.

Due to the unique nature of matching you to the correct saddle size and all the options available to create your most beautiful saddle it is to your advantage to call in order to create an order. Feel free to email [email protected] with your wish list and include your phone number.


I really enjoy talking with people about their dream saddle! When you call, I will invite you to join me on my website to look at colors of leather, tooling options and other things you are considering. I will ask your inseam, upper-thigh size, height and weight among other things in order to ensure proper seat size. Expect a pleasant and personal conversation and trust me, I will not tell anyone your personal information.

Once your order is placed by phone with me you will receive a saddle order confirmation ASAP. You will be asked to confirm the order and email back with your approval. If you do not receive this email it is vital to call or email me to request it be sent again. Once I get your order approval the order will be sent promptly to SS inc. They will send you an invoice wherein you can safely pay by a CC# or Paypal.

I am happy to receive emails with your wish list for a quote. Please send me your phone number too if I have questions that are important to have answered in order to guide you better with an order.


Half down is due to get the order started and the second half of the payment will be sent via an invoice for payment the week the saddle is due to finish. Be sure to check your spam or junk email too for the invoice.


New Builds: Saddles will take 6 to 10 weeks to have finished once the order is started. The build time depends on the tooling. Floral and Oak Leaf saddles take more time since the saddle leather is sent to Texas for specialty toolers to complete.


Completed: are the SADDLES you see on the in-stock list with one seat size. They are ready for shipping the same day or the very next day.

Incomplete saddles are saddles on the list that say incomplete. There are no pictures since they are not complete. But contact me for more information on them. Normal finish time is 3 weeks.



All in-stock saddles have a ten day trial with a full refund minus shipping.


There is a one year warranty on all workmanship and a five year warranty for the pommels and cantles. If there is something wrong with the saddle when it arrives please call right away. Do not ship back unless you call and get authorization to do so.