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Endurance Saddles for Sale

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Endurance Saddles are lighter weight than most western saddles and have no horn, as a rule. But you could have a horn put on it if you wanted to. The pictures below demonstrate some of those alternatives.

The Endurance Saddle is designed to spread the rider’s weight out over a much larger area of the horse’s back. This approach significantly reduces the amount of force per square inch that is exerted onto your horse. And that “spreading the pressure” will make your horse much happier.

The Endurance saddle’s stirrups are already set back one inch compared to the trail saddle. This one inch accommodates people who like to ride two-point style or stand in the saddle so they can maneuver more easily up and down hills, or for faster and longer rides without tiring or getting sore.

However, anybody can overdo it and get sore and burned out eventually. But ordinarily your typical results will be a longer, faster ride than from other saddle types like trail saddles for instance.

Info Common to All Endurance Saddles

endurance 807-7

Basic Endurance


endurance 807-5

Deluxe Endurance

Fully Tooled As Shown


Examples of Adding Variety to the Standard Endurance Theme

Check Your Saddle Fit

Endurance riders have learned important facts about being comfortable in the saddle.


Our Suggestion: Take the time to learn the endurance riders’ secrets of how to stay comfortable in the saddle for hours. And you can apply those hard won secrets to literally any style of horseback riding.


Your saddle is important. It’s the most important piece of tack you’ll use. You’ll sit in your saddle for hours, and your horse will wear it for hours and hours.

So the point that your saddle fit you and your horse properly is very important. Ill-fitting saddles cause trouble with horse hide, muscle, bones and joints, behavioral problems, other tissues even nerve damage.

So you’ll be doing the right thing to find that perfect saddle. And in our experience we have found that the BMSS Endurance Rider is a very good saddle for horse and rider. Because it is very lightweight (9-10 lbs), rugged, treeless of course, and it provides a custom-fit to each horse without being a special high-priced or special custom-made saddle.


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