Horse and Rider with the Ultimate Riding Comfort

Hi There,

A few months ago, my sweetie bought a treeless saddle from you. It was one of your “Show” models. I had no idea what a treeless was, and was a little apprehensive about it.

However, she did a lot of research on the topic and against my better judgment, purchased it. On her first ride, she raved so much about the comfort, not only for her horse (a Fjord), but her own.

After about a week, I could stand it no longer. She saddled up my horse (also a Fjord) and off I went. It wasn’t far before I knew I had to have one too.

Returning to the ranch, I reluctantly gave her back her beautiful saddle. I have not had a more comfortable ride since. This story has a very happy ending.

Fortunately for me, her saddle was a little too small for her and asked me if I wanted to buy hers and she would look for another. Of course I jumped (to say the least) at the opportunity.

She is now purchasing a Deluxe Trail saddle. You can see both of these saddles at “Saddles in Stock” Ever since my first day of sitting in a treeless saddle, I have become a firm believer in your product.

After reading some of your e-mails, it would be difficult to say it any better than what has already been said. You have a wonderful product that saturates both horse and rider with the ultimate riding comfort that is hard to find or match anywhere.

Thank you. As soon as we receive the new saddle, we want to send you pictures (as though you don’t have enough) of two very pleased customers, on two beautiful horses, accented by two beautiful, comfortable saddles.

Jack Long
San Francisco Bay Area, CA