A Lady Who Rides with Prince Charles Says She Loves It

Dear Gerri,

Thanks for your speedy reply. I have always ridden in a 21 inch cut back saddle (on American Saddlebreds) so this western business is new to me.

My husband is thinking of having my 2 year-old Saddlebred filly started and trained for the trail (not really what she was bred for) for himself. He has done jumping in the past and prefers a horse he can post on.

Although he will be using her for trail riding he also prefers an English saddle. Do you think your endurance saddle would be good for this? It looks rather English to me! Please advise. …

Best Regards, Deborah

P. S. You may be interested to know that I first heard of your treeless saddle while in England. A lady who rides with Prince Charles said she had one and loved it – as did her horse!