A Fast Forward Chocolate Roughout Barrel Racer

NOVEMBER 13, 2018 9:47 PM

Hi Gerri, 

About four years ago, I bought my first Bob Marshall (used, from a lady who had also bought it used) and it is the best thing I’ve ever ridden in! I absolutely adore it.

Through all the wear and  been put into it over the years, it’s still going strong. I’m really excited to add a second one to my line up. I’ve been looking through your website for inspiration and I have my dream saddle envisioned!

Here’s what I’m thinking: 14.5 inch seat (same as the one I have now) Fast Forward Roughout – Chocolate Chocolate suede Square point skirt #19 leather horn (chocolate, if there’s a choice) And that’s it! Is there anyway I could get an estimate on the cost for this saddle?

*Attached I have an image of an Amber Manley saddle from your site, just for reference for the square point skirt.

I know there’s a square back skirt option as well, so I just want to clarify that the skirt in the picture is the one I’d love on mine!

Thank you so much! Hope you have a wonderful evening!
Sincerely, Samantha

Hi Samantha, Thanks for contacting me. Wow, that is quite a testimony for the Bob Marshall Sport Saddle. I am happy to help you get your next gorgeous saddle, all brand new. Here is how this saddle prices out. 

$1865.00 – 14.5” Fast Forward Roughout chocolate barrel racer, #19 (3.5 in) leather horn. 25.00 pointy square skirt. Seat color black or chocolate, your choice. 90.00 fenders, if you decide to add them, S/H is included. Allow about 6 weeks.

Best regards, Gerri Rini

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