Sina Did a Beautiful Slow Jog as She’d Never Done Before

Hi Gerri,
Here’s a first photo of one of my horses (Sina) with the new saddle. She looks rather dirty, I’m afraid as I took the photo when we returned from our first outdoor ride since Christmas.

We had frozen ground most of the time or just the upper layer thawd and everything was too slippery. It was absolutely great today – sunshine, fresh crisp air and Sina went along so freely. And when we started to trot she did a beautiful slow jog as she’d never done before.

Before we were doing a slow trot, close to jog. But today it was just perfect and I felt as if I was floating along weightlessly on top of my horse. It’s hard to believe what a difference a saddle can make!

The first time I tried it, it was indoors and I’d never sat her trot so comfortably, and a friend who watched was impressed how freely and relaxed Sina was moving along. She did not notice that I was using a new saddle.

The second time was today and it was absolutely perfect. I think quite a few people in our stable will want to try the saddle on their horses.

I’ll try the saddle soon with my younger horse who I’m only starting to ride and I’ll send you nicer pictures (taken before we set off and get dirty) once I have the new pad.

Best regards from a happy Sports Saddle owner,


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