I Loved Feeling the Horse Move Freely

Hi Gerri – many thanks for your emails and updates on the saddle-

It came yesterday – just 2 days after your note – finally!!!! I didn’t have a chance to try it on MY horse yesterday – but did try it on a similar shaped and gaited Icelandic horse that I ride frequently with a very good friend of mine. Fenja (the icy) loved it!! No surprise to me.

I rode a SS on a different Icelandic, a while ago, which is what convinced me to go the SS route, because I loved feeling the horse move freely underneath me. We rode out on bush trails, hills and flat last night, and the feeling and contact from her was amazing – my friend tried it on the other icy (different shape altogether) and both of them loved it too.

Maybe another sale – and many of my customers and people I know, will get to try it Maybe, now I can sell all of the other saddles I’ve tried (or most of them). I’ll be trying it on my 2 horses today – with I’m sure wonderful results – especially my soft gaited mare. I’ll let you know how she likes it, after a few rides and tests.

Thanks, Maureen

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