Carrie & Linda Proper – Sport saddles

Dear Gerri,

We just wanted to email and let you know how much we are enjoying our Sport Saddles and Equalizer pads. We have had the saddles for a year now, and we got the pads as a Christmas present this year. We have four horses in our barn, a 17.2 hand Belgian, a 16.3 hand warmblood, a 16 hand Thoroughbred, and a 14.1 Morgan. All are very different horses, with different backs and ways of going, all seem quite happy being ridden in the sport saddles.

We love them too. We ride for hours in the sport saddles and are never saddle sore. My father had made up his mind before he ever sat in one that he wouldn’t like it, and as soon as he sat in it he changed his mind. He borrows my mom’s all the time now. He would like to know when they are going to come up with a cup holder to go on it, he says it’s like riding on a couch.

The pads have been a great accessory. We never had any problems with sore backs, even with my thoroughbred dressage horse, but the contoured pads fit very nicely, and the shock absorbing foam makes it more comfortable for both horse and rider.

Thank you very much,
Carrie and Linda Proper