Barrel Racer Saddles - Lightweight and Treeless

Information Common to All BMSS Barrel Racing Saddles


Build time is 6 to 10 weeks for non-floral patterns. Floral, oakleaf and feather tooling takes longer.

  • 3 1/2″ leather horn standard, braided horns are extra. 
  • Pommels are tilted forward on all barrel models.
  • Standard suede seat colors are black, chocolate, toast.
  • Hoof pick pocket on back of cantles are standard.
  • Saddles under 13" or over 17" are charged a 100.00 custom fee
  • Alison Ray rigging is custom for a 100.00 custom fee - set one inch forward from standard.
  • There is only one 100.00 fee no matter how many "custom" items are chosen.
  • Fenders are extra
  • Conchos - J.Watts silver, black engraved conchos are standard. Or choose your own - go to and and have them sent to Sport Saddle.

Any of these saddles can be dyed any color and can be tooled in any style. Contact us for pricing.

14.5" Talako #1, Corner Cut Back Panels, White Buckstitching (+Chaps), Crazy Tool, Black Suede, #29 Leather Horn, Etched Eagle on Front Panel, Arrow & Feather Tooled & painted on back panels, Feather carriers, Chief Conchos, Paint Colors: [Purple


  • Buck Stitching
  • Etched Eagle on Front Skirt
  • Arrow & Feather Tooled on rear skirt
  • Feather front carriers
  • Chief Conchos

Roughout Barrel Racer

  • Shown chocolate dyed
  • Chocolate suede seat
  • Buck stitching is standard on the roughout saddles, bone buck stitching is shown
  • Fenders are optional extra on all saddles
  • Strings are extra
Floral etched roughout


  • Floral etched

Roughout Barrel Racer

  • Shown black dyed
  • Black suede seat
  • Copper spots
  • Fenders are optional on all saddles for extra

Squared Barrel Racer

  • Squared (corner cut) front and rear skirts
  • Squared knee flap and fenders
  • Shown with #2 Floral and diamond border combo

Dark Horse Barrel Racer

  • Black roughout
  • Pointy skirt
  • Black suede seat
  • Copper Spots (Studs)
  • Leather saddle strings
barrel dark oiled roughout

Rough-out Barrel Racer

  • Shown in dark oil finish
  • Buck stitching is standard on the Roughout saddles
  • Fenders are optional for extra on all saddles

The Waylon Barrel Racer

  • Black Suede Seat
  • Shown fully tooled with Sunflower border tooling and basketweave center tooling
  • Border tooling only, is also an option
  • Antique Black
  • Included with the Waylon is either copper or silver spots or buck stitching. 

Border Tooled Barrel Racer

  • Shown dyed Antique brown 
  • Shown with Diamond tooling
  • Braided horn 
  • Fenders are optional on all saddles for extra
Barrel Celitic

Barrel Saddle

  • Celtic Border Tooling
15 Barrel Racer Sunflower Border Twisted White Buckstitch Round Skirt Peak High Black Suede Small Chaps Antique Black Stain Black Dyed Edge

Border Tooled Barrel Racer

  • Sunflower border, twisted white buck stitch
  • Round Skirt
  • Dyed Antique Black 
  • Black Dyed Edges

Fully Hand Tooled BR

  • Floral or combo floral as shown
  • Fenders are extra
  • Saddle shown is finished in light oil. Other colors available such as medium or dark oil. Dyes are extras such as walnut or antique brown

Fully HAND Tooled Round Skirt BR

  • Silver spots (studs) as shown as extra
  • Fenders are extra
  • Corner cut rear skirts are extra


  • Mahoganey smoothout
  • Available as round or square skirt.
  • Plain fenders
  • Dyes such as chocolate and black are extra

"The Racer"

  • Shown Fully Tooled, also available in border tooling
  • Buck stitching and copper or silver spots are included in the price
  • Show dyed Antique Black 
15 Fully Tooled Barrel Racer Floral2 PeakHigh Copper Buckstitching Black Suede

"The Racer"

  • Fully Tooled as shown or border tooling available
  • Shown with #2 Floral tooling
  • Included as standard on the Racers are the silver or copper spots or buck stitching


  • Chocolate Rough-out
  • Buck stitching is standard on the roughout saddles. Available in bone (shown), white, turquoise, copper and other colors
  • Corner cut rear skirt extra. 


  • Antique black
  • FANCIED-UP - Pommel and cantle tooled leather rather than being all suede
  • Knee flaps tooled to match the rear skirt
  • Rear skirt is angle cut