BMSS Barrel Racer Saddle Gallery - Lightweight and Treeless

In barrel racing, the difference between winning and losing can be measured in just fractions of a second. That is why top riders are always searching for every advantage possible.

A speedy, well-trained horse, hours of practice and good riding form are, of course, important if you want to win — but so is owning the right equipment.

Is the saddle you use really all that important? You bet. A barrel horse must be able to totally use their body with unhampered freedom in order to perform.

Your saddle should enhance your position, and your horse’s ability, to reach and pull through tight turns and flat runs.

Performance Issues

Bob Marshall Barrel racing saddles are specifically designed to give horse and rider the best chance possible at completing a barrel pattern in the fastest time possible.

These are lightweight saddles with wide swells and a high cantle which allows rider to sit securely but also allows the horse to perform fast sprints and sharp turns.

Barrel saddles are usually light, about 12 to 16 lbs. so the horse isn't racing with extra, unnecessary weight.

The Bob Marshall Treeless Barrel Saddle is perfect for the barrel racer looking for that lightweight, close contact feel.

These saddles have soft padded seats, wide swells, and a high cantle to keep you in the seat.