Customizing Bob Marshall Sports Saddles

Whatever is on one of the other models can usually be built on to any other model.

Mini-slide bar rigging

  • standard on the Wrangler saddles
  • can be added to any saddle for 45.00
  • great for short legged riders who want more swing in their stirrups
  • a great choice for any trail rider!

Silver or copper spots

  • 125.00
  • buck stitching 125.00

Leather seats

  • $85.
  • Wrangler saddle can come with the leather seat at no extra charge.
  • Faux leather such as elephant or crocodile are available for an extra charge.

Ordering a different pommel or cantle

  • Trail saddle, normally with a 4″ cantle, can be ordered with the 5″ cantle or even the 3″ one.
  • Endurance saddle with a 3″ cantle can be ordered with a 4 or 5 inch one.

Colored seats

  • red, blue or purple suede are extra.
  • see the photo gallery for some great ideas.


  • Dyeing a basic trail rider or basic barrel racer all black or all chocolate
  • Cheyenne roll on Endurance saddles – to dye it black or chocolate
  • Front silver conchos with leather carriers
  • Contrast trim around the base of the pommel and cantle, available in light, medium and dark oil
  • Smooth russet leather pommel on basic trail rider, barrel racer or endurance saddle
  • Smooth russet leather cantle on basic trail rider, barrel racer or endurance saddle
  • Silver laced Cantle
  • Montana Silver Swell Plates
  • Montana Silver Cantle Plates
  • Montana Silver corner plates
  • Braided horn with silver cap
  • Each set of silver conchos
  • A complete set of concho/carriers with two sets of silver conchos
  • Extra D ring, cannot be added after saddle is made
  • Girl barrel racer corner plates
  • To cover a basic trail rider in endurance leather, black or chocolate
  • Tooled chap or (knee) flaps
  • Double skirt or jockey
  • Aluminum stirrups
  • Matching stirrup fenders
  • Matching rear cinch
  • Matching breast collar
  • Sports Cincha
  • Different Stirrups , such as Aluminum on the BTR