Debra & Beret Leader

Dear Gerri,
Hi — I’ve been meaning to email you before now but have been busy riding!!! I have had my sports saddle for about 1 month now and I have to tell you that I LOVE it!!!!! I feel as if the last two years of riding in another type of endurance saddle, with a tree — have been such a waste! My horse experienced soreness in his back, and I was sore in my knees, and at times my feet would go numb. After riding for hours even my joints would ache!!! I used to think it was just “me”, getting a little older. Then I finally decided to purchase a sports saddle.

Not only am I pleased, but my horse, Beret, is also very happy! No more soreness in his back, and I have also noticed a lengthening in his stride, with a more fluid movement, also his tendency to shy has greatly reduced!!! Then for myself, no more sore knees, I must say I did purchase a pair of Cloud Stirrups to go on the sports saddle, and no more numb feet!!! After riding lots of miles I do not ache. It is absolutely amazing. If anyone had told me how much I would love the sports saddle, I don’t know if I would have believed them —- but now I know!!!

I also purchased a Skito pad for the sports saddle — and it is the best! With Beret’s tendency to get a little sore in his back — I had purchased a lot of other pads — the Skito is definitely tops!!!! I just wish that I had purchased my sports saddle two years ago when I first started riding endurance, but time and experience is a good teacher!!!!

Thank you so much for all your assistance in helping me decide exactly what style sports saddle and options were best for me, and for your professional handling of all aspects of this purchase. I will hope to see you at the Equine Affaire.

Debra & Beret

P.S. Will try to get a photo to you showing me and Beret and enjoying our new Sports Saddle! Thanks again!!!