Suzanne Pindar

I own a Sport Saddle and LOVE it! I ride endurance and have put more than 3000 race miles on my Sports Saddle over the past 4 years. It is still in pretty good shape, too.

In addition to my endurance riding I have started in dressage with both my horses and also ride in hunter shows. I am at the point with my showing that I need to buy an English saddle or a dressage saddle. I know that Sport Saddle has western saddles as well as endurance models and I was HOPING that maybe there was some sort of English model too. There aren’t any on your website so I am assuming that there are none available. Do you know if anyone has attempted making one? Is the company considering it?

I like my sport saddle so much because I can use in on a great variety of horses and the fit is perfect every time. I hate the idea of buying an English or dressage saddle that will only fit one of my horses (each is built very differently). If you have any information about this please let me know. If the saddle maker has talked about it or one is in the works, I’d be a perfect guinea pig. Please write back.

Thank you very much,